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Choosing to Connect to Microsoft Exchange Using Web Services or WebDAV

The Coveo connector can connect to Microsoft Exchange servers using either the Web Services or WebDAV method. When you create a Microsoft Exchange source, two source types are available:

  • Exchange (WebServices)

  • Exchange (WebDAV)

The following table indicates which options are supported by which version of Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange Version Exchange (WebServices) Exchange (WebDAV)
Exchange 2013 hybrid deployments (remote part) Supported Not supported
Exchange 2013 Supported Not supported
Exchange 2010 Supported Not supported
Exchange 2007 Supported Supported

(when the Exchange 2003 Compatibility mode is installed)

Exchange 2003 Not supported Supported

You should choose the Exchange (WebDAV) option only when indexing an Exchange 2003 server. For Exchange 2007 setups, it is recommended to use the WebServices option as it offers better performances and is simpler to configure.

Note: Once a source is created, you cannot change the source type (WebDAV or WebServices). You must then create a new source using the other source type.

When you choose WebDAV, be aware that the WebDAV protocol is prohibited by default in IIS. You must therefore enable WebDAV in IIS (see Enabling WebDAV in IIS).

What's Next?

Configure and index the Microsoft Exchange source (see Configuring and Indexing a Microsoft Exchange Source for an On-Premises Deployment).

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