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Clearing Text Analytics Tag Fields

At some point in the development of your text analytics implementation, you may need to clear all or some of the tag fields set by previous text analytics jobs or runs.

To clear text analytics tags fields

  • When you only want to clear specific known tag field values:

    1. Create a text file containing the list of values to clear.

    2. Use the BlacklistJob plugin to clear the tags (see BlacklistJob).

  • When you want to clear all values of all tags or specified tags, you have two options:

    Note: Regarding performance, when the number of documents to process is large and the number of unique tag field values is small, using a job is faster. On the opposite, when the number of documents is small and the number of tag field values is large, using a run is more efficient.

    • Option 1 - Using a run

      1. Create a new run that processes all documents for which you want the tag fields to be cleared. For this run, you only need CES fetcher and outputter plugins (see CESIQuerierFetcher and CESITaggerOutputter).

        Tip: You can also reprocess all documents with an existing run (see Reprocessing All Documents with a Text Analytics Run).

      2. In the XML definition of the CESITaggerOutputter plugin, either set the <ClearAllTextAnalytcsTags> parameter to True, or specify each field to clear using the <ClearTagField> parameter.

    • Option 2 - Using a job

      Use the ClearFieldJob plugin to remove all values of specified tag fields for documents returned by the specified query (see ClearFieldJob).

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