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Configuring Authentication with Jive Web Services Using .NET


For the Jive 5/SBS/Clearspace connector, with Clearspace 2.5 and SBS 3.0 installations, you must configure the SBS server to allow .NET proxy classes to be able to authenticate with SBS web services. The following instructions were taken from a discussion on the Jive Developers Forum and were successfully tested with both Clearspace 2.5 and SBS 3.0 (see Generating Proxy Classes for Web Services).

To configure authentication with Jive web services using .NET

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the SBS server.

  2. Stop the SBS service (from the command prompt: /etc/init.d/jive-application stop).

  3. Locate the main Clearspace/SBS library file on the Jive server, generally located in the %SBSInstallationPath%\WEB-INF\lib\ folder. Depending on your platform, the library file will be named clearspace-2.5.X.jar or jive-sbs-public-3.0.X.jar.

  4. Make a backup copy of this library file so you can revert any changes made at any time.

  5. From the library, extract the spring-wsContext.xml file, and using a text editor:

    1. Open the spring-wsContext.xml file.

    2. Locate the following entry and remove NoSecurity from its value:

      <entry key="action" value="UsernameToken Timestamp NoSecurity" />  
    3. Save the file.

  6. Add the modified spring-wsContext.xml file into the library file, overwriting the original one.

  7. Ensure that the Apache wss4j.jar file also located under WEB-INF\lib) is the latest version. The Apache WSS4J file is available for download here.

  8. Restart the SBS service (from the command prompt: /etc/init.d/jive-application restart).

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