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Configuring Collaborative Rating

You can activate or disable collaborative rating, set on the number of best documents it applies, and specify users or groups that can use it.

To configure collaborative rating

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Index > Ranking.

  3. In the panel on the left, select Collaborative Rating.

  4. In the Collaborative Rating page:

    1. To disable the collaborative rating feature, in the Status section, click [Disable].

      You will be prompt to confirm this actions as it will delete all the personal appreciations entered so far by users. To re-enable the feature, click [Enable] that appears at the end of the Status section.

    2. In the Option section, you can change the number of top ranking documents on which collaborative rating is available. The default value is 100, meaning that users can set a personal appreciation only on the first 100 top ranking search results documents.

      Note: This value is configurable from 10 to 10 000.

    3. In the Valid Groups list, you can control with who users share their ratings by specifying groups. By default, every users share their ratings with every members of every groups.

      Note: Users that are member of one or more groups in the Valid Groups list share their ratings with the other members of the same groups.

      Example: In your organization, you want members from your marketing department to only share their ratings with the members of their group so you add the marketing group in the Valid Groups list. If members of your marketing group are also members of other Valid groups, their ratings will also be shared with the other groups.

      1. To remove a valid group, select it in the Valid Groups list, and then click Remove.

      2. To add a group, click Add, and then in the Add Identity dialog box, select the group for which you want the members to only share their ratings between them (see Using the Identity Picker Form).

    4. Click Apply Changes to save your changes.

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