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Configuring .NET Front-End Server Query Destination

A Coveo .NET Front-End server by default sends queries to a specific server originally selected during the Front-End first-time setup (see Coveo .NET Front-End First Time Setup). You can manually change the target Coveo Back-End server from the web.config file of the IIS Web application.

To manually configure .NET Front-End server query destination

  1. Using a local administrator account, connect to the Front-End server for which you want to change the query destination.

    Note: It is recommended to make a backup of the web.config file before editing it.

  2. Locate the web.config file of the IIS Web application hosting the Coveo .NET search interfaces.

    Note: When you chose to let the CES installer create the website, the default web.config file location is: [.Net_Front-End_Path]\Web.

  3. Using a text editor:

    1. Open the web.config file.

    2. Locate the <coveoEnterpriseSearch> tag, and then set the value of the hostname attribute to the host name of the Coveo Back-End server to which you want this Front-End server to send queries by default.

      Examples: Typical cases are:
      • hostname="localhost" when the Front-End and Back-End components are on the same server.

      • hostname="<CESMaster_hostname>" when the Front-End server sends queries to the Master server.

      • hostname="<CESBackEndNLBCluster_DNS_name>" when the Front-End server sends queries to the DNS name of the NLB Back-End server cluster.

        <server hostname="CESBackEndNLBCluster" port="52800" servicesHostname="CESBackEndNLBCluster" servicesPort="52810" instance="default" mirrorName="default" sslCertificatePath="C:\Program Files\Coveo .NET Front-End 12\Web\certificate.p12" />
    3. Save the file.

      The changes take immediate effect for new queries.

  4. Repeat this procedure for each Coveo .NET Front -End server.

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