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Configuring the Culture of a .NET Search Interface

When the end-users of your Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces work in different languages or from different countries, you can configure some aspects of the .NET search interfaces to adapt to their culture.

It is recommended to first set culture parameters at the .NET search hub level as this configuration is inherited by all .NET search interfaces contained in the .NET search hub (see Configuring the Culture of a Search Hub With the .NET Interface Editor).

When needed, you can also use the following procedure to access the page where you can set culture parameters for a specific search interface and override the otherwise inherited .NET search hub settings.

To configure the culture of a .NET search interface

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. Click the Search interfaces tab.

  3. On the menu bar:

    1. In the Current Interface drop-down list, select the search interface for which you want to make changes.

    2. Select the Features menu.

  4. In the navigation panel on the left, click Culture.

  5. In the panel on the right, under Language Specific Query Processing, clear the Inherit hub language check box to be able to customize the settings for this interface.

    The rest of the panel is identical to the one used to set the search hub culture. Refer to the topic for this page for details on how to set the culture parameters (see Configuring the Culture of a Search Hub With the .NET Interface Editor).

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