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Connecting to the Coveo FTP Server

You can use the Coveo FTP server to securely and efficiently exchange files with the Coveo support team. If you do not already have a Coveo FTP server account, contact Coveo Support to have one created. By default, your login ID is or will be your work email address.

To connect to the Coveo FTP server

  1. If not already done, contact Coveo Support to create your Coveo FTP server account.

  2. Using a browser, access

  3. In the Coveo FTP server login dialog box:

    1. In the Login ID box, enter your Coveo FTP username. By default, it is your work email address.

    2. In the Password box, enter the corresponding password.

      Note: When you do not remember your password, click Recover Password. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password that you must use to login once and immediately change the password.

    3. In the Language drop-down list, select English.

    The Coveo FTP server opens.

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