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Contacting Coveo Support

As a Coveo customer with a valid support plan, you can easily contact the Coveo Support team whenever you need.


  • You are facing a technical issue with your Coveo products.

  • You have a technical question related to your Coveo products.

  • Your Coveo product is covered by a valid support plan.


You can contact Coveo Support to open a support ticket using one of the following methods, in this recommended order:

Coveo Support

  • Using the Coveo Support portals.

    Note: Using the Coveo support portals require a login which you can request by clicking Not a member? on the login page. Two portal users per company are normally allowed to open support tickets.

  • By phone (see Coveo Website Contact page)

Before Opening a Support Ticket

  1. Ensure that your Coveo product is covered by a valid support plan.

  2. Confirm you are running a supported version of the Coveo Platform (see Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version). Coveo supports the last two major Coveo Platform versions.

    Example: The current major CES version is 7, so version 6.x is also supported, while versions 5.x and below are not.

  3. Confirm your environment meets the minimum system requirements:

  4. Search the Coveo online help for applicable technical documentation.

    Tip: If you are troubleshooting a Coveo Platform issue, a good starting point is Coveo Platform Troubleshooting Guide.

Coveo Support Team Versus Professional Services Team

  • The product specialists of the Coveo Support team respond to requests relative to standard out-of-the-box Coveo products.

  • Customizations such as non-standard connectors, user interface components, scripts, and so on, are not covered by standard Coveo support plans.

  • Where customization is involved, the Coveo Support team is generally willing to offer help but does so on a best effort basis, only during standard business hours.

  • The involvement of Coveo Professional Services team is advised when customizations are in play and your organization has neither the resources nor knowledge required to resolve the problem or achieve the desired objective.

  • Professional Services activities are billable outside of support plans (see Professional Services).

Key Information to Supply

Having gone through the available resources without being able to correct your current problem or achieve your goal, you may want to open a support ticket.

Supply the following fundamental information to help us to appropriately flag and dispatch your ticket:

  • Level of the environment affected by the problem (Production, Staging, Test, Development)

  • Server operating system version (Windows Server…)

  • Whether the server operating system is running in 32 or 64-bit

  • Whether Coveo is running in 32 or 64-bit

  • Version and build of your Coveo products (see Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version).

    Specify the version and build number for each Coveo product across your front-end and back-end servers (which is normally the case starting with the Coveo Platform 7).

  • A description of the error message or behavior encountered

  • Steps required to reproduce

  • The output from Coveo System Status tool (see About the Coveo SystemStatus Tool)

  • Any other information you deem relevant to your issue resolution and prioritization

Support Policies

Refer to the Coveo Customer Global Support and Success Guide.

Case Severity and Response Time

The services provided by Coveo to the Licensee vary according to the following four levels of severity and impact attributed to the reported issue.

Critical issue

Means any issue that prevents the Software from being used at all or that causes the functionality of the Software to be disrupted to such an extent that the Software cannot be used at all.

Important: If you are facing a situation requiring immediate attention, such as the loss of the search service in your production environment, call us:

1-866-266-1583 (U.S. and Canada)
+1-418-266-1583 (International)

If you are calling outside of business hours (business hours being from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST, weekdays), leave a message so the on-call product specialist is alerted.

Major issue

Means any issue that results in either (a) such a serious degradation of functionality of the Software that the value is substantially and materially reduced, or (b) such a serious degradation of the routine operation of the Software that the value of the Software for Licensee is substantially and materially reduced.

Minor issue

Issue is a medium-to-low impact problem which involves partial, non-critical, functionality loss. It may impair some operations but allows the client to continue to function.

This may be a minor issue with limited loss or no loss of functionality or impact to the client operation, or an issue which can be easily circumvented or mitigated by the end user.


New builds of current major version are released regularly (see About the Coveo Platform Release Cycle).

You can refer to the Coveo Platform release notes that contain lists of new features and support case fixes (see Coveo Platform Release Notes).


Hotfixes are created for critical issues only. Issues that prevent the Software from being used at all or that cause the functionality of the Software to be disrupted to such an extent that the Software cannot be used at all.

If the fix is available in a newer release of the Software, the customer will need to upgrade to that release to fix the issue.

If the fix for the issue is not available, Coveo will release a hotfix for the specific release of the software in order to get the Software up & running as soon as possible.

Hotfixes require a minimum of 3 business days to be available once the issue has been identified, fixed, and tested by the Coveo QA team.

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