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Copying the PTC Windchill Certificates to the Coveo Master Server

The Coveo connector and security provider need to have access to a copy of the PTC Windchill client and server certificate files to be able to communicate with your PTC Windchill foreground method server. The Coveo connector will use the certificate file copies to authenticate itself with PTC Windchill to be able to connect to the Coveo plugin.

You must perform the following procedure only once after creating or updating your PTC Windchill certificates.

To copy the PTC Windchill foreground method server certificate to the Coveo Master server

  1. If your PTC Windchill deployment contains more than one foreground method server, select one to be used by the Coveo connector.

  2. Using an administrator account, connect to the PTC Windchill foreground method server.

  3. Open a Windchill shell.

    Example: When PTC Windchill runs on a Windows Server, from the Start menu, select Windchill Shell.

  4. When the keystore and truststore do not yet exist on your PTC Windchill foreground method server (with the userNameAuthSymmetricKeys default security policy), create them as follows:

    1. In the Windchill shell, run the following command:

      ant -f jws-stores.xml

      Note: When the ant path is not set in the environment variable, you must include the path where ant is installed on your system.

      Example: When ant is installed in the .\ant\bin\ folder, the command is: 

      .\ant\bin\ant -f jws-stores.xml
    2. Answer to the prompts of the script using the default or appropriate values (based on the file content).

    Note: Refer to the Understanding the Security Requirements topic in the Windchill Help Center on your PTC Windchill server for more information.

  5. Copy the PTC Windchill certificate files to the Coveo Master server:

    1. From the PTC Windchill foreground method server, copy the following files: 

      • %WT_HOME%\prog_examples\jws\stores\client.cer
      • %WT_HOME%\prog_examples\jws\stores\server.cer

      where %WT_HOME% is the PTC Windchill home folder, such as C:\ptc\Windchill_10.x\Windchill.

    2. Using an administrator account, connect to the Coveo Master server.

    3. Paste the certificate files on the Coveo Master server in a [Index_Path] subfolder such as \CertStore\PTC_Windchill\.

      Example: On the Coveo Master server, copy the certificate files to the D:\CES7\CertStore\PTC_Windchill\ folder.

What's Next?

Install or update the Coveo plugin on your PTC Windchill server (see Installing or Updating the Coveo Plugin for PTC Windchill).

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