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Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new or improved features as well as Fixed Support Case included in each Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) trimonthly release (see About the Coveo Platform Release Cycle).

September 2018 - v 7.0.9434.6 Minor Rollout

Partial match performance improvements
Make QRE execution start with query valid document when IsConstant: false
Fixed Support Case Case
Crash / EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION while in read-only mode 00045662
Improved query performance where multiple nested queries were reused 00045352
Bug Fix
Temporal elements in constant expression prevent caching
Crash in HIPAA env, seems related to partial match improvements
Crash while performing a query

September 2018 - v 7.0.9434

[Administration Tool] Conversion scripts to display source relationship [more]
[Administration Tool] Sort administration logs [more]
No more 32 bit builds
[Install kit] IE ESC prevents the installation of CES 7 prerequisites
[Dropbox] Improve connector quality
Replace the /team/log/get_events call
Implement GetAccountInfo using the HttpClient and JSON parsing from the framework
Port the DropboxContentRequestcall to the framework
Migrate the remaining single-user calls
Port Dropbox Business shared folder calls
Port Dropbox Business calls related to members
Implement error handling for the DropboxApi calls
Migrate the team_log/get_events call and clean up
Use RetryAfter header value in Dropbox retry strategy
[Salesforce] Validate object security
Create test to validate permissions
Support Salesforce license object restrictions
Support basic Document object permissions
Basic support of crawling external objects correctly without permissions
Supported converted leads permissions
[Box] Adjust crawler configuration to receive an encoded JSON containing app credential set
[Confluence v2] Improve Coveo plugin performance
[Lithium] Add the possibility to indicate the Rest API URL [more]
[Salesforce] Add nightly tests to validate Salesforce standard groups
[Security Provider] Validate all the places where the Coveo.CSP.FatalException exception is thrown
[SharePoint Online] Support API update about % in # in filename
[SharePoint Online] Disable entity if web is deleted
[SharePoint Online] Add security provider refresh token persistence
Reject documents with splittable permission models that cannot be optimized
No longer copy the vector of internal SIDs when copying a QueryInfoInput
Fixed Support Case Case
[SharePoint] Not indexing content when scope is a list 00040443
nullReferenceException in .NET UI in Sitecore 9 00041531
Query causing |FATAL|Unhandled exception in TP: socket:52800 - Unknown exception 00041967
[Box] The source processed more items than the number of documents the user owns 00042033
Switching from Read-Only to Read/Write mode takes a lot of time 00042335
Query performance issue 00042466
Unhandled exception in IndexerManager:IndexingThread - Unknown exception 00042889
Source affected by communication error issue cleared their content 00043473
Mirror dump on Exception: C00000FD = EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW 00043518
advancedQueryOverride is changing the result set 00043613
SharePoint integrated search checking out documents 00043623
[Web & Sitemap] Unable to crawl protected documents using a form authentication 00043678
Disable SSLv2/v3 protocols 00043714
Getting the System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '5' Key being added: '5' error with Okta 00043930
Results duplicates and Missing results when changing the sorting option 00044290
Bug Fix
Facet search pop-up not displayed at the right location in Chrome
Getting the The mirror service is outdated error even though master and mirror servers share the same version
[Box] Folders are indexed and have a "size" metadata that confuses index stats
[Box] Security provider receives "UNSPECIFIED" identities because the additional info contains a key "MemberType"
[Box, Dropbox & Google Drive] Make a configuration revision to adjust IndexUsers label and tooltip
[Box Enterprise] Avoid fatal error for unsatisfied constraints in the crawler/connector configuration
[Confluence] LoginIfNeeded is not wrapped, raw WebExceptions exceptions are thrown
[Confluence v2] No warning on canceled operations and tasks when the source is stopped
[Crawler Framework] A canceled task is wrapped in a Timeout Exception
[Dropbox] Wrap 502 - Bad Gateway errors with a known fatal error code
[Dropbox Business] Header "Dropbox-API-Select-User" is sent along calls that do not support it
[Framework] Support invalid character set in a REST API response
[Framework CSS Scraping] Review what could be null in CssDomExtractor class
[Framework] The new extractedsize metadata clashes with reserved index field
[Framework] Avoid to navigate to the host URL when the dynamic content (JS) is rendered
[Framework] Bad precondition on CertificateValidator.Validate method
[Google Drive] Handle with a specific fatal error code a not found Google Apps domain
[Index] UseCacheForComputedField breaks query/ranking functions
[Index] Overriding concepts with more than 16 will perform out of bound read from stack
[Index] Terms/Expressions caches async reload can lead to incoherent results
[Jira v2] Security provider does not throw the appropriate exception when something is not found (user, project, etc.)
[Jira v2] Unexpected exception when GetRoleActors is not found
[Jive] Crawler caches take too much RAM
[Lithium] Avoid generic and misleading CONNECTOR_INVALID_CONFIGURATION when receiving error code 100
[Office 365] PowerShell Script does not stop on error
[One Drive for Business] StoreChangeToken throws errors when calling m_NewTokens.all()
[Salesforce] Fixed problem with portal users that are part of communities
[Salesforce] Fix feeditem internal user definition
[Salesforce] Disable the license restrictions by default
[Security Cache] Change default max memory that can be used by a compact graph
[Security Cache] Disabling unused permission models takes too much RAM to be used
[Security Cache] The new security cache format is not correctly detected
[SharePoint] Throttling exceptions come out as UNKNOWN_FATAL
[SharePoint] Cannot set cookie if two authentication requests are sent within the same second
[SharePoint Online] Discussions List not being crawled due to missing field
[SharePoint Online] Remove ResponseError precondition
[SharePoint Online] Skip items that the user does not have access on incremental refresh
[SharePoint Online] Only 300 site collections can be indexed
[SharePoint Online] Fix clickable URI on custom content type
[SharePoint Online Legacy] Authentication precondition false positives when running multi-threaded.
[SharePoint v2] 403 ends up in UNKNOW_FATAL_EXCEPTION
[SharePoint v2] Folder names starting with hash tags lead to infinite loops
[SharePoint v2] GetContentDatabaseChanges response with no changes and a new change token are not handled properly
[SharePoint v2] Web application policies are not respected when crawling SharePoint 2016
[Sitecore] Stop clearing security cache groups on any and all exceptions from the Sitecore Web Service
[Sitecore] Not properly replicating Sitecore permissions model
[Sitemap] Avoid generic CONNECTOR_INVALID_CONFIGURATION error when a user identity is defined without a password
[Sitemap] UTF-8 with BOM is now unsupported when the Sitemap file is parsed
[Twitter v2] Error with ID 'UNKNOWN_FATAL_EXCEPTION': An item with the same key has already been added.
[Twitter v2] Avoid fatal error when the task or the operation is canceled
[Web Crawler & Sitemap] Add a more specific error code when a 403-Forbidden is returned
[Web Crawler & Sitemap] Do not report the entire message in the logs/Sentry when the web driver is unable to set a cookie
[Web Crawler & Sitemap] Cookies are not copied in the Web Driver instance when standard form authentication is used and JavaScript rendering is enabled
[Web Scraping] Apply the scraping only on supported content in Sitemap files

May 2018 - v 7.0.9272.3 Minor Rollout

Fixed Support Case and Bug Case
[SharePoint v2] Folder names starting with hashtags lead to infinite loops N/A
[SharePoint Online Legacy] Authentication precondition false positives when running multi-threaded N/A
[One Drive for Business] StoreChangeToken throws errors when calling m_NewTokens.all() N/A
CES mirror discrepancies, indexing issues 00041771
[Security Cache] Change default max memory that can be used by a compact graph N/A
Query causing |FATAL|Unhandled exception in TP: socket:52800 - Unknown exception 00041967
Query performance issue 00042466
Query performance issue, possible problem with the Salesforce security models 00042339
[Security Cache] Disabling unused permission models takes too much RAM N/A

March 2018 - v 7.0.9272

[SharePoint] Okta authentication [more]
[SharePoint v2] Integrate WS-Federation Okta authentication flow
[Sharepoint v2] Investigate the impact of various improvements
[SharePoint v2] Modify Okta authentication integration test
[SharePoint v2] Modify the security provider for Okta
[Zendesk] Connector improvement [more]
[Zendesk] Create parameters to index specific permissions
[Zendesk] Update Zendesk SecurityProvider and Utilities to support User Segments
[Confluence v2] Improve error message when creating a source with Okta without UseRequestParametersAuth
[JIRA] Simplify the Jira issue QuickView
[RSS] Investigate the impact of not indexing the Feed object
[RSS] Modify config revision to add IndexRssFeedUrl parameter to the RSS crawler [more]
[Web SSO Auth] Allow specifying custom/manual cookies in the Web crawler
Adapt the source type name in CES for Veritas Enterprise Vault 12
Change copyright in source file headers
Change error message when applying Coveo for Sitecore license in CES
Fix solution objects
Limit memory usage with ImageMagick
[Console] Allow filtering on multiple sources
[Console] Filter by system vs index events
[DIP] Improve facet selection using UI .NET with the DIP
Bug Fix
[Box Enterprise] Fixed authentication error when user is deactivated while fetching subfolders
[Box] Improved handling of 403 on RefreshTokens
[Box] Fixed issue downloading IN-RAM all the stream content of a file
[Box] Fixed expansion errors on incremental refresh - Box Collaboration defined on a file
[Box] Improved Box terms of service error message
[Box] Fixed lack of API call retry when the response is not a valid JSON object
[Box] Fixed security provider retrying Unauthorized - 401 errors when hitting a deactivated user
[Confluence v2] Fixed generic CONNECTOR_INVALID_CONFIGURATION error when an invalid RootSpace parameter is given
[Dropbox Business] Fixed issue preventing to parse Dropbox metadata. Error while creating item response: Property 'profile' does not exist on JObject.
[Dropbox] Fixed "deadlock" caused by the API during incremental
[Exchange Enterprise] Fixed missing "Invalid client secret is provided" error code
[Google Drive] Fixed DownloadException not retried
Fixed missing aq keywords in the `termsToHighlight`
[OTCS] Fixed nullref output instead of a meaningful error when the API cannot return a folder
[SharePoint 2] Fixed handling of GetContentDatabaseChanges response with no changes and a new change token
[SharePoint v2] Fixed missing cookie expiration date when connecting to SharePoint Online with WSTrust
[SharePoint v2] Fixed ClickableUris for DocumentSets and ListItems, thus also fixing breadcrumbs
[SharePoint v2] Fixed wrong permanent id for user profiles
[Twitter v2] Fixed GetCollection with forbidden collectionID returning UNKNOWN_FATAL_EXCEPTION
[Zendesk] Improved handling of not found sections (access policies) in the security provider
[Zendesk] Fixed build process occurring when non admin user crawl articles and comments options
Fixed bad rest request uri because due to a # character in the resource path
Fixed highlighting in title for some Japanese terms
Fixed character ordering errors in PDF documents following conversion
Fixed Support Case Case
PDF are not properly converted in the Platform 00040693

December 2017 - v 7.0.9167

[Box] Change file type of user documents and make it optional to index users [more]
[Confluence Cloud] Add objecttype and beautifulfiletype fields
[Dropbox for Business] Change the "Account" field for "User" when indexing users [more]
[Google Drive] Change the "Account" field for "User" when indexing users [more]
[Sitemap][Web] Add PageContains to the available AuthenticationFailedMethods
[Claims for SharePoint On-Premises SP] Expand user's granted identities by default [more]
[Zendesk] Review document metadata
Bug Fix
[Box] Fixed abnormal use of RAM
[CES7] Crawler process was exiting with a stack overflow.
[Confluence On-Premises] Fixed issue where a deleted document was not taken into account by the incremental refresh.
[Dropbox for Business] Fixed issue where large files triggered the Parsing error: Value too large for Int32 error.
[Sitemap][Web] Form authentication using CookieNotSet as detection method no longer deauthenticate unless cookie expires.
[Google Drive] Fixed issue where an unexpected character was encountered while parsing value.
[Google Drive] Exception was not wrapped into an AccessDeniedException in the security provider
[Gmail] Fixed issue where an unexpected character was encountered while parsing value.
[Index] Fixed issue where a 5 600 pages PDF took more than 10 GB after conversion
[Index] Fixed issue where disabled entities might not be re-enabled even when a source was refreshed
[Jive] Group expansion result was evaluated outside of the exception wrapping
[Jive] Fixed issue where identities were disabled before validating the presence of the plugin.
[Salesforce] Fixed issue where AttachmentBody of ideas failed to download as document binary
[Salesforce] Fixed security issue with chatter object related to users.
[Salesforce] Fixed controlled by parent securities.
[Salesforce] Fixed solution objects.
[SharePoint Online] Fixed infinite loop when username or password was incorrect
[SharePoint] Fixed endless loop of the incremental refreshes.
[SharePoint] Fixed issue where UseWsTrustSpOnlineFederatedAuthentication was only working with AD FS
[SharePoint] Fixed broken authentication following Microsoft changes
[Twitter] Fixed issue where an invalid Collection IDs logged an UNKNOWN_FATAL_EXCEPTION
[Web2] Fixed issue where documents with case sensitives URIs were still added with RespectUrlCasing set to false
[Zendesk] Security provider did not work with an API token and a username without a password
Fixed Support Case Case
Queries in console are strikethrough 00039232
Continue indexing even if a referenced Sitemap is missing 00038235
SharePoint incremental did not delete some documents 00038049
CES Service taking all the RAM 00038135
Multiple sortCriteria not giving expected sorting 00038347

September 2017 - v 7.0.9093

Coveo Diagnostic Tool for CES 7
Dump Manager [more]
Allow user to refresh the case list
[Lithium] Connector improvement [more]
Add extra metadata to topics
Attachments are now indexed
Partial incremental refresh support
Rework the configuration and parameters classes
Change the contentfetcherfactory for the generic one
Rework connection class
Fix all users fetched in incremental refresh mode
Review configuration to add missing checkboxes in the UI
Add LDAPS support to AD security provider
[Jira] Incremental refresh support [more]
[NoSql] Remove the crawler
[Confluence V2] Optimize security provider calls
[Confluence V2] Security Provider: Implement CheckPoint logic when group members are retrieved
[Crawler Framework] Strengthen ConstraintAttribute and ConstraintException information
Fixed Support Case Case
Servers constantly inaccessible 00038020
.NET AppPool Crashing allegedly because of Coveo plugin for claims authentication 00038024
CES switched back to read-only mode and cannot be switched to read-write mode 00038522
SharePoint Online content cannot be indexed due to "An unexpected error occurred when trying to retrieve the binary security token from Office 365 for the SharePoint URL" error 00036632
Items are not deleted from index after a SharePoint site was removed 00036716
Quickview is not showing the .pdf but the web page 00037537
Webscraper does not work on a specific website 00037505
[Index] Results sorting not ignoring diacritics 00038030

June 2017 - v 7.0.8996

Coveo Diagnostic Tool for CES 7
A diagnostic tool for each service
Install Kit
Have the CES install kit install the latest version of the Diagnostic Tool
Update notifications
[Jive] Connector improvement and support
Performance - Optimize and minimize REST API calls when content items are retrieved
Add parameter to increment the download request timeout
Expose batch size (count) for batched call
Support Jive 9 with the last version of the Coveo plugin
Review metadata and default field set
[Lithium] Connector improvement
Improve error handling
[Salesforce] Connector improvement
Ignore MissingSalesforcePermission errors when fetching related records
Correctly handle CrawlChatterByObject when no polymorphic is specified
[SharePoint] Better handling when user profiles cannot be crawled
[SharePoint] Improve MDS support for better performances
[Box] Migrate to API v2
[Regex Transform CSP] Allow user to specify whether a member should be mapped only if its name matches the regex
[Confluence V2] Support to crawl archived/not archived spaces and add metadata with the status
[Exception Handling] When Jira V2 does not find the plugin, a specific error code should be used
Database connector should support e-mail security provider
[Jira] Use the cookie when connecting to Jira
[Gmail] Add a fatal code for rate limit exceeded
Fixed Support Case Case
Indexing process stops following License limit reached warnings 00035868
Admin tool graphs not showing correctly 00036325
Navigation breadcrumbs issue in the Confluence V2 connector vs V1 00035748
Sharepoint does not index the correct permission 00036527
Items are not getting deleted from index after a Sharepoint site was removed 00036716
How to skip the indexing of tickets when using Zendesk connector 00037044
Several sources are failing to refresh due to an Unknow_Fatal_Exception error 00037169
Search scope filter ignored by facet selection 00035753
Inconsistent behavior with the descending and ascending feature when sorting multiple fields 00036485
Quick View not displaying the keywords navigation when the partial match enabled/working 00036407
Salesforce source not indexing majority of documents and throwing "item with the same key has already been added" 00037084

March 2017 - v 7.0.8850.2 Minor Rollout

Fixed Support Case and Bug Case
[Salesforce] Authentication error on Salesforce after upgrade to 206.11 00036026
[Salesforce] Some user are not indexed when indexing Salesforce task securities N/A
Improved indexing performance when recycling 00036111

March 2017 - v 7.0.8850

[Box] Support Box Enterprise source
Support JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication using a service account
Change CES Console default scroll focus
[Sitemap] Support the CDATA tag in the Metadata section of the sitemap
[Jira v2] Support comment permissions
[Index] Improve CES start time with large FileSecurity
Fixed Support Case Case
SharePoint menu missing when you only have SharePoint V2 connector in your license 00034864
DWG iFilter generates Coveo error 00034636
CES service stopped due to a "Unhandled exception in TP: RefreshManager - Unknown exception" error 00033615
LiveLink resume stopped working 00034311
Virtual group 'Space Viewers' expansion failure prevents users to see results from Confluence 00034611
SP Online authentication error 00034591
Error with ID 'CONFLUENCE_AUTHENTICATION_ERROR': An error occurred when executing the call GetPluginVersion. Error message: Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized) 00034866
Arabic document not properly indexed 00034574

January 2017 - v 7.0.8691.2 Minor Rollout

Fixed Support Case and Bug Case
[Jive] On several events the permissions are not expanded with parameter ShallIndexEvents=true N/A
[SharePoint v2] Retrieving user profiles with CSOM returns empty accounts N/A
Arabic document not properly indexed N/A
Disable automatic download of ContentVersionURL N/A
The CachedLibraryPermission should throw until initialization is completed and when getting a user N/A
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