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Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 Release Notes of 2015

This topic summarizes the new or improved features as well as fixed support cases included in each Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) trimonthly release of 2015 (see About the Coveo Platform Release Cycle).

December 2015 - v 7.0.8047

New Features
Jive Connector - Support version 8 [more]
Microsoft OneDrive for Business Connector - New Connector [more]
Zendesk Connector - Improvements
Add parameters to include or reject some item types [more]
Advanced crawling operations
Optimize pause/resume [more]
Support incremental refresh operations [more]
Support permissions for ticket comments and attachments
Support permissions model for tickets
Support refresh/delete documents
Support the Zendesk permission model [more]
Support ticket custom fields
[AD Security Provider] Allow an administrator to filter out Active Directory security provider warnings
[Admin Tool] Improve tooltip for connector Type Name
[Basecamp] Add well formated comments to quick view
[Basecamp] Update the Basecamp.html file to make it compatible with JsSearch v1.0.
[Exchange] Add feedback messages when the cache is used or reset
[Exchange] Add optional Active Directory cache calls to list mailboxes and thus reduce load on the server [more]
[Exchange] Have the pause/resume operation restart from where it left off
[Exchange] Improve how are handled throttling errors/exceptions
[Exchange] Integrate class with crawler and add optional parameter [more]
[Google Drive] Sysparents values are now in the [user@email] > [fileName] format
[Index] Facets use a lot less memory when using a string table
[Index] Lower the memory consumption of CES
[Index] Nested queries included in the query profiling logs
[Index] Use ConfigurablePerformanceTimers for the transaction profiling
[Liferay] Add the new plugin to the install kit [more]
[Liferay] Support version 6.1.x
[Liferay] Refactor and merge the code supporting version 6.1.x
[Security Cache] Allow an administrator to disable unused permission models
[Security Cache] Optimize the CompactGraph 'reverse' functionality
[SharePoint v2] Batch User Profiles retrieval in a single call to reduce queries to the SharePoint Online server
[SharePoint v2] Create the new connection for SharePoint Online
[SharePoint v2] Improve listing of site collections for SharePoint Online
[SharePoint v2] Update CSOM references in IVY for newer version
[SharePoint v2 Online] Retrieve personal sites using the user profile personal URL
[SharePoint v2 Online] Use CSOM for site collections autodiscovery
[Sitemap] Set default ParseSitemapInStrictMode value to false [more]
[Sitemap] Support adding specific HTTP header with each web request
[Sitemap] Support replacing authority in each URL to index
[Zendesk] Add the Zendesk security provider to the install kit [more]
Fixed Support Cases Case
Getting conversion failed error when using OCR 00021288
Useless user permission indexed 00027134

After configuration of the PLM: The 'Delete' event is not registered in the PTC Windchill audit feature. The incremental refresh will not be able to detect the deleted items.

Number of results discrepancies between Master and Mirror server 00027370
Issue with the Coveo Diagnostic Tool after installing the August 2015 build 00027398
CES Service stops because of fatal class Merlin::KIEInvalidIndexStruct 00027405
Items indexed after August 28th 2015 are not in the index 00027455
Confluence crawler is now indexing documents with the View permission to all since a user was disabled 00027462
Getting the 'An exception occurred on an API call' SharePoint error 00027561
CES Master stopped and Mirror returning errors 00027563
Colon misbehavior with JS UI dataenablepartialmatch 00027572
Schedule maintenance for a weekly full refresh stopped working 00027581
Identical query but with different keyword order gives no results 00027632
REST API parent and child display issue 00027664
PDF document content not indexed 00027751
Mirrors service stops overnight 00027761
Admin Tool became unresponsive 00027789
Admin Tool stuck during switch to read-write 00027879
Partial fix - Query performance lower after server upgrade 00027900
Infinite loop in Facet PreCommit 00027922
Facet is available in facet search, but not visible when all facets are expanded 00027995
Outlook contact updates are not picked up by Coveo 00028032
SharePoint V2 source does not show the right document number for the folder facet 00028038
Web sources are not rebuilding 00028083
Unable to access the CES Admin Tool 00028124
High number of slow queries 00028172
Issue when executing the CSOM API method GetSiteCollectionUrlFromUrl 00028195
Dump with ZLib error in incorrect header check 00028228
Confluence 5.8.5 performance issues 00028324
Many queries take more than 1 second 00028339

High RAM usage by the mirror server leading to the core dump of the CES service

Can't use the Active Directory security provider when the UPN and sAMAccountName are different 00028363
Loss of search service 00028405
Since the upgrade to 7914, indexing SP Online fails due to an exception on an API call 00028546
Generated core dumps on a Cloud Org 00028603
Conversion scripts .NET make available for .NET 4.0 N/A

October 2015 - v 7.0.7914

New Features
Basecamp - New connector - Security not supported [more]
Box - Connector improvements
[Box] Add caches to prevent duplicated calls in a short period of time
[Box] Handle boxNotes modification since the events does not
[Box] Support source filters
Mapping - Generic solution for retrieving URL content [more]
[Mapping] Download URL content
[Mapping] Support URL attribute in mapping file
Zendesk - New connector - Security not supported [more]
[Box] Ignore external users when expanding collaborations by Box security provider
[File Security Cache] Enable the new file security cache for new indexes [more]
[Framework] Add a multi-purpose cache and remove extra cache implementations
[Google Drive Compact] Have a facet on display name (From and To)
[Salesforce] Fully support cancellation in the connector/CSP
[Salesforce] Make a base64 field for the OTG
[Salesforce] Support "*" in the objects to get
[Security] Remove LRU cache from FileSecurity
[Sitemap] Add support for Form-based authentication
[Sitemap] Index extra metadata available on Syndication Feed Items (RSS and Atom)
[Sitemap] Log the detected sitemap type
Fixed Support Cases Case
Admin Tool unresponsive 24h after restarting CES services 00027178
CES service not responding 00027651
Crawling issue after an upgrade 00021564
Custom security provider unable to load on client server 00026844
Endpoint Unavailable message in Cloud Administration Console Content Browser 00027022
Fatal errors on cloud cluster after CES upgrade 00027228
Highlighting and number of occurrences between result list and the Quick View are different 00027104
Highlighting of search terms are absent in the Quick View 00026860
Images not displayed in search results for product articles of a Salesforce source 00026239
Increase the max value of FieldMetaNameRestriction 00026136
Installing Visual Studio 2015 breaks some security providers 00025613
Master server went down after upgrading 00027564
No more information on CES index backup/restore 00026543
CES Service no longer responding on a mirror server 00027327
Issue with .NET Framework 4.6 00027225
Mirror synchronization issue in production 00027376
PDF file gets converted in random characters 00025879
sAMAccountName exception after importing CES6 settings to CES7 00026741
SalesForce connector not indexing permissions on a SF object properly 00027628
Search interface is not responding 00027270
SharePoint Online: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation 00026284
Slow queries issue (Mantis 21828 | Case 00025536) 00025536
The "?" in search result title is rendered as "_" in search result 00026547
The web connector is causing an infinite loop on certain addresses 00026943
Transactions cannot be applied to the mirror 00025828
Unhandled exception in Web connector 00026866
Unhandled exceptions preventing CES service to start 00027152
Unable to crawl web source 00026884
When disabling indexing, sources are still shown as rebuilding or refreshing 00026544

August 2015 - v 7.0.7814

New Features
Box - New connector [more]
Dropbox - Advanced features
[Dropbox] Create a JS UI and field set for the Dropbox Connector
[Dropbox] Force the Case Sensitive Addresses option
[Dropbox] Implement index browser Delete Document/Folder features
[Dropbox] Implement index browser Refresh Document feature
[Dropbox] Implement index browser Refresh Folder feature
[Dropbox] Profile and if needed, optimize the connector
[Dropbox] Remove OAuth 1.0 authentication
Exchange - Listing mailboxes with Azure AD [more]
[Exchange] A source with an online and native mailbox in the starting address can be crawled without Azure AD
[Exchange] An Azure AD connection can be used by the crawler
[Exchange] An Azure AD mailbox lister can be used by the crawler
[Exchange] Archive mailboxes are correctly crawled when mailboxes are listed with Azure AD
[Exchange] Azure AD connections exceptions are correctly managed
[Exchange] The crawler can handle online OwnerOnly permissions when mailboxes are listed with Azure AD
Add version sentry file to detect downgrades
[Admin Tool] Change label for deprecated connectors
[Dynamics] Add the source to the Cloud Platform
[Dynamics] Deprecating the legacy connector
[Dynamics] Optimize caches duration
[Email CSP] Allow Email identities to be mapped [more]
[Enterprise vault] indexing problems
[Framework] Last refresh date updated when source is paused
[Google Drive] Have a facet on display name (From and To)
[Google Drive] Investigate why Compact takes a long time to shut down
[Google Drive] Remove the support to export Google Sheets to OpenOfficeSheets
[ILogger] Change output format for TraceEntering/TraceExiting
[Jira v2] The Jira CSP can support Email identities [more]
[Jive 5 / SBS] Deprecating the legacy connector
[Jive] Non-published items with API 3.3
[Lithium] Connectors should not log passwords
[Mercurial] Investigate slow crawler shutdown
Improve Portuguese support
[Salesforce] Add an estimate record size metadata
[Salesforce] Create an SOQL parser
[Salesforce] Deprecating the legacy connector
[Salesforce] Fetch objects descriptions based on dependencies
[Salesforce] Support API v33
[Salesforce] Update the connector to use the Connector helpers
[Script Crawler] Eradicate the remains
[Scripts] Make work with renamed VC folder
[Security Providers] A quick help for parameters would be immensely useful
[Sitecore] Deprecating the legacy connector
[Sitemap] Add hidden parameter to force Basic Authorization header [more]
[Sitemap] Add support for custom metadata in the XML format [more]
[SharePoint] Deprecating the Legacy Connector
[SharePoint] SitetoIgnore parameter
[TargetProcess2] Support Epics
Fixed Support Cases Case
CES refuses to start because of an error with PostConversionScriptID refkey 00026236
CES Service crashes with CustomCrawlersProxy__SourceSta error 00026541
CES service down with CustomCrawlersProxy__SourceSta error 00025897
Custom field query generates an unexpected error 00026644
Deleted and archived records are not being indexed even with IndexArchivedActivities set to true 00026583
End user does not see results 00025678
FailedToImpersonateUsersException after upgrade 00026683
Fatal error on cloud instance 00025681
Front end is not responding since upgrade of the back end 00026276
Getting "Unable to connect to the server" while expanding Member name=nt authority 00025704
Images on OCR converter do not show thumbnails 00025822
Getting Insufficient Privileges error for some content version documents 00025567
Master and mirrors problems following a Cloud UI source creation 00026248
Performing two same queries, the second one comes out with missing information 00026017
Problem indexing Korean PDFs 00026086
Quickview not working on LibreOffice version 00025318
Service stops with an exception in CommandConverter 00026566
Getting The provided client certificate was trusted but could not impersonate all specified credentials error after upgrade 00026619
Unhandled exception in Unknown Thread Name - class CGLComp 00025507
Unauthorized user can see posts from private chatter 00027005
WebCrawler documents are removed on ReadTimeout error 00025937

June 2015 - v 7.0.7711

New Features
Administration Tool - Prevent user to create fields with reserved alias name [more]
Administration Tool - Prevent user to create fields with alias name
Amazon S3 - New connector [more]
Dropbox for Business - New connector [more]
Dynamics - Enable user to refresh single entities
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Delete Document operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Delete Folder operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Refresh Document operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Refresh Folder operation
Dynamics - Incremental refresh supports attachment
[Dynamics] Connector supports Sales Literature and email attachment
[Dynamics] Fetch entities with attachment with RelatedEntities
[Dynamics] Refactor GetRecord in connection
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of attachments
[Dynamics] Supports incremental refresh of email attachment
[Dynamics] Supports incremental refresh of Sales Literature attachment
Dynamics - Proper support of KB Articles
[Dynamics] Basic support of KB Articles
[Dynamics] Support of KB Articles comments
Gmail for Work - New connector [more]
Jive - Support mapping to Email security [more]
[Jive] Members added in permissions have their Email
[Jive] The Jive CSP supports mapping to Email
Security cache improvements with large number of permission models
[Security Cache] Allow an administrator to update all permission models
[Security Cache] Create an environment that reproduces a huge setup
[Security Cache] Do not call security provider for a time if not ready
[Security Cache] Large number of models support: misc fixes to merge in 7.0 release
[Security Cache] Log info about items to expand on a regular basis
[Security Cache] Process new permission models before regular entities
[Security Cache] Remove legacy revise to support hotfix
[Security Cache] Various optimizations of the cache
YouTube - Additional features
[YouTube] Add a request retry executioner
[YouTube] Connector supports incremental refresh operations
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing activities from channels
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing all playlists of a specific channel
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing playlist items with folding
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing video categories
[YouTube] Revise - add playlist checkbox to crawler source
[YouTube] Support Refresh/Delete document operations
Add a cache at the slice's file security level
Add trailing wildcards to Top Results [more]
[Alfresco] Validate support of Alfresco 4.1.3
[Crawlers] Log a message whenever a parameter is used on a source but not actually used in the crawler.
[Crawlers] SourceType and DocumentType need to be set for all crawlers
[Crawlers] SourceType and DocumentType system fields
[Dropbox] Better handle the team expansion errors
[Dropbox] Set OAuth2 as the default authentication method
[Dynamics] Add default ID field for every entity
[Dynamics] Change fields implementation to respect Dynamics data
[Dynamics] Connector supports annotation and their attachment
[Dynamics] Improve performance of expanding user member with manager/position if needed
[Dynamics] Improve impact of caches on RAM
[Dynamics] Improve logging for erroneous ObjectsToGet file
[Dynamics] Improve performance especially when crawling with security
[Dynamics] ObjectsToGet support attachments
[Dynamics] Support child entities indexing
[Dynamics] Supports indexing of KB Articles attachments
[Dynamics] Title of RepositoryItem should use the PrimaryAttributeName of entity
[Exchange] Logging of mailbox and archive discovery is inadequate
[Framework] Display warnings if log4Net is not configured properly
[Google Drive Compact] Revise the provided field set and JS UI to better suit the Compact crawler
[Google Drive] Add integration tests to verify the crawling of all Google Drive file types.
[Google Drive] The Crawler needs to support the certificate as a Base64 data string
[Jira V2] Support Kerberos authentication in crawler and CSP [more]
Register License ID on mirror
[Salesforce CSP] Immediately throw a NotReady exception instead of waiting for the async initialization
[Salesforce] Optimize the security provider memory usage
[Salesforce] Refresh only some object types
[Salesforce] Support Delete Document and Delete Folder operations from the Index Browser
[Salesforce] Support incremental update of sharing permissions
[Salesforce] Support refreshing a specific document
[Search Web Service] Indicate in the UI that changes will be applied only after a service restart
[Security Cache] Allow to perform new security cache integrity checks
[SharePoint] Retry operation when an error occurs when performing calls to SharePoint API
[SharePoint v2] Add optional server alias parameter [more]
[SharePoint V2] Create a dummy Active Directory CSP for SharePoint integration.
[Sitemap] Add support for HTML sitemap parsing
Too many fields can prevent the Fields page of the Admin Tool from working
[YouTube] Remove related playlists from indexed playlists
[YouTube] Remove trailing slash of starting addresses
Fixed Support Cases Case
An entry with the same key already exists error 00019835
CES diagnostic tool issue 00021308
CES service keeps on stopping after upgrading from CES7 build 7104 to 7599 00025496
CES service stopped and cannot be started 00025418
CES service stopped and restarted 00025231
CES service stops when clicking on "Indexed Documents" 00025361
Compression format error when restoring index 00021490
Custom name for @sysfiletype can generate a bug in the search page 00020615
Detect stalled recycling document IDs due to a bad revise 00025708
DocumentInfo.GetFieldValue in conversion script uses the dictionary translated field 00021060
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component error 00025281
Error when expanding group in method GetMembersAndMappings 00025174
Error while indexing SharePoint Online lists and libraries 00019124
Error while indexing then service seems to hang 00021134
Exchange source: Admin tool hung on any source action 00021919
Getting SharePoint Error: Unable to load the XML data 00025542
Getting The attribute "URL" has an empty value in the XML element error, incremental refresh SP 00025436
Incremental refresh not respecting SP site visibility 00021944
Installation fails for a mirror but not for a master 00021942
Issue with incorrect indexed document count 00020324
Issue with the MainConverter (localhost) Converter Memory Usage in the CES Admin tool 00021531
Lazy permission expansion problem for certain users 00021887
Lotus Notes custom fields cannot be used as display fields 00021970
Not getting a warning in the query.log even after reaching the query limit 00021904
PTC Windchill connector did not pause on error 00025295
PTC Windchill Connector: Rebuild stopped with Not a legal OleAut date fatal error 00025512
Queries sent to mirror are long to execute 00025405
Scheduled refreshes not working 00019388
[SharePoint] Precondition failed: The parameter 'p_RowElement' must not be nullParameter name: p_RowElement error 00021788
[SharePoint V2] Incremental refresh Value does not fall error 00021754
SHAREPOINT_UNABLE_TO_GET_ROOT_ITEM error on full and incremental refreshes 00021869
Security cache expansion delay 00021886
Service outage caused by the Email security provider 00021400
Service shutdown 00025243
Slow queries reported 00025536
Source becomes unresponsive when script is edited on cloud UI while a rebuild is running 00021747
The parameter 'UNKNOWN' must not be nullParameter name: UNKNOWN error 00021612
The permissions for named user(s) is/are not present in CES 00025176
Unknown exception error after creating a source 00025399
Use the author extracted from the document instead of the SharePoint author 00021589
While installing CES with the Admin service, the admin service fails 00021487
Getting 'SHAREPOINT_UNKNOWN_ERROR': Precondition failed error 00025766
Users get no results because of provider errors 00025687

April 2015 - v 7.0.7599

New Features
Sitemap - New official connector [more]
Dynamics - Support Dynamics 2015
[Dynamics] Connectors support manager hierarchical security
[Dynamics] Security support excluded entities from hierarchical security
Dynamics - Support Dynamics security [more]
[Dynamics] Add the security provider DLLs in the install kit
[Dynamics] Connector add to document resolved shared permissions
[Dynamics] Connectors and CSP follow guidelines
[Dynamics] Finish the implementation of the CSP
[Dynamics] Security Provider expand and map users
[Dynamics] Support Dynamics permissions with permission levels and sets in a security provider
[Dynamics] Support Dynamics permissions with permission levels and sets in the crawler
Dynamics - Support Entity Relationships [more]
[Dynamics] Add relations to the default configuration
[Dynamics] Add section to configure relations in the configuration tool
[Dynamics] Have a basic configuration in the configuration tool with meaningful entities
[Dynamics] Support aggregating linked entities metadata
[Dynamics] Support basic incremental refresh of relations
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of relations from audit records when available
Jive - Support for version 7 [more]
Gmail - Support OAuth 2
[Gmail connector] Implements the OAuth2 authentication for IMAP
Google Drive Compact - Index a single copy of a shared item [more]
[Google Drive] Add a new flat crawler to the license and the configuration
[Google Drive] Enable pause/resume for the flat crawler
[Google Drive] Ensure we support all permission scenarios while flat crawling
[Google Drive] Force the case sensitivity for the flat crawler
[Google Drive] Implement Index Browser features for the flat crawling
[Google Drive] Improve and fix the flat crawler features
[Google Drive] Support flat crawling all files and folders from the domain user by user
[Google Drive] Support flat crawling of files and folders owned by a single user
[Google Drive] Support flat incremental refresh changes
PTC Windchill - Improve Windchill Connector Metadata
[PTC Windchill] Improve field set and mapping file to support new metadata
YouTube - Tweaks and optimizations
[YouTube] Fill the crawling events document
[YouTube] Force case sensitivity in Core and Admin
[YouTube] Optimize the pause/resume using page tokens
[YouTube] Output an estimate of the total quota cost for an operation
[Google Drive] The security provider needs to accept the certificate as a Base64 string in parameter [more]
[Lithium] Support the label m-p. [more]
[Salesforce] Add support for lazy suffix in SP
[Salesforce] Fix a problem while indexing FeedComments on a CollaborationGroup
[Salesforce] Prefetch pages when crawling
[Salesforce] Support API v. 32
Fixed Support Cases Case
CES service cannot be started because of security cache issue 00021165
EncodingException error after upgrading CES 00020443
Getting a class MerlinConfig error while deleting a script from the CES Admin tool 00020818
Getting conversion failed error when using OCR 00021288
GMail sources in cloud indexes don't have proper fields for folding 00020922
In the Index Browser, Details information take time to load 00020508
In the Index Browser, getting an error when try to enlarge a facet box 00020565
Incremental refresh error with SP V2 00021114
LibreOffice not deleting Temp files 00020276
Mirror service not starting: OutOfRange Bitvector size exception 00020279
Missing results due to security issues 00021058
Source not updating because of SALESFORCE_METADATA_DOWNLOAD_ERROR 00021166
SP legacy vs V2 not all folders indexed 00020875
Slow load facets values call 00020980
Thesaurus bug with collections 00020925
Unable to change the port hosting the service during the installation 00020527
Unhandled exception in Default-TrnManager: BTreeRecordTooLargeException 00021651
Unhandled exception in TP: pipe:CESInstance7 00021471
When a file is indexed by SharePoint Legacy connector, it won't be indexed by the SP V2 connector 00021034
Coveo does not return all cases portal user has access to in Salesforce 00021618
Open converter compilation error after upgrade 00021646
Getting an SharePoint Error: Length cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: length error 00021612
CES service is stopped in the Master server and cannot be restarted 00021640

February 2015 - v 7.0.7433

New Features
Dynamics - Support deleted items in incremental refresh [more]
[Dynamics] Add a token renew mechanic
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of deleted items
[Dynamics] Use Audit for incremental refresh, when available.
YouTube - New connector is now available
[YouTube] Connector supports crawling all channels for a single user
[YouTube] Connector supports crawling all videos from a specific channel
[YouTube] User can specify which user and channel to crawl
[YouTube] Add the crawler to the install kit
[Admin Tool] "Delete Index Content" button should switch to "The index content is being deleted..." once started
[Google Drive] Add the Domain Admin Username parameter on the crawler
[Google Drive] AppsService should use OAuth like other Google Drive APIs [more]
[License] Get license attributes even when license is expired
Fixed Support Cases Case
2 mirrors generate Invalid elias delta values error 00019574
CES service keeps stopping 00020191
InvalidDeltaValue exception generated by mirror 00019719
Open Text Content Server source won't pause on timeouts 00019997
Service stops due to invalid regex filter in ListFacetFieldValues 00020060
Stop words ignored by mirror 00019789
Unhandled exception in SecondaryCommit on a prod mirror 00020541
Web source status should not be "Updating" if crawling hits invalid starting address 00019849

January 2015 - v 7.0.7338

New Features
Microsoft Dynamics CRM - New official connector [more]
PTC Windchill - Improve the Incremental Refresh support [more]
[PTC Windchill] Coveo plugin is able to retrieve deleted items from the audit record [more]
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted content items in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted parts in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted content holders in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of application contexts
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of content holders
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of content items
Aha! General improvements
[Aha!] The connector comes with a default JS UI
[Aha!] The connector comes with default mapping file and field set
[AD Security Provider] Perform mapping for AD users towards Email [more]
[Admin Tool] Update tooltips related to security cache
[Oracle Knowledge] Fix error handling and add possibility to specify channels to crawl [more]
Fixed Support Cases Case
Error: Precondition failed: ID must not be none 00019803
Issue with Text Analytics when Quick View is not indexed 00019744
License display issue 00019157
Mirror core dumps for customer upgraded to 7.0.7104.6 00019701
Permission issue for a File source 00018922
Thesaurus applies to no collection when checking all collections [more] 00019773
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