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Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 Release Notes of 2016

This topic summarizes the new or improved features as well as fixed support cases included in each Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) trimonthly release of 2016 (see About the Coveo Platform Release Cycle).

December 2016 - v 7.0.8691

New Features
[Jive] Connector improvements
Support incremental refresh for events in Jive 8
Support incremental refresh for events in Jive 6/7
Prepare CES 7 for a standalone Coveo Diagnostic Tool product
[Salesforce] Improve the way security identities are listed in the Security Browser
[Confluence v2] Support Okta integration using an hidden parameter
[Confluence v2] Security provider tries to find the RootUri
[Index] Implement sort by alpha ascending, descending for facets, disregarding score
[Index] Improve start time of CES with large FileSecurity
Fixed Support Cases Case
Unable to add JS script to source 00032753
Unable to export search query history from the Administration Tool in Chrome 00033136
CES7 service stopped and cannot be started due to an InvalidConfigException: Invalid collection name (Local Files) on scope Questions error 00033458
Service stops after upgrading from 4911 00033588
CES7 not displaying the right path for a file 00033745
[Web] URL encoding switch causing 404 errors 00032282
[Jira ] Failing to authenticate with Kerberos 00032244
[SharePoint] Clickable ListItems with "+" sign results in 404 00033158
CES7 seems to be removing the wrong document 00033432
Tiimeout in LiveLink 00033953
Search does not correspond in salesforce vs 00031674
Custom objects permissions are not being correctly indexed 00032585
Users under a role cannot access a custom object through search 00033138

October 2016 - v 7.0.8541.3 Minor Rollout

Fixed Support Cases and Bugs Case
[Confluence v2] Support Okta integration using querystring parameters authentication N/A
[Jira 7] Failing to authenticate with Kerberos 00032244
[Jira 7] Still needs plugin N/A
[Livelink] Coveo seems to be removing the wrong document 00033432

September 2016 - v 7.0.8541

New Features
[Web 2] More web scraping functionalities
Add Expand before filteringoption
Aggregate meta tags values when multiple meta tags have the same name
Clean extracted metadata values from web pages
Support XPath methods (count, contains, substring, etc.)
Transform scraped relative URLs to absolute URLs
[Jira V2] Support Jira 7.1.2 [more]
Support Jira 7 issue-level permissions on-premises
Support retrieving project permissions using the REST API v7
Support expanding group members using the REST API v7
Investigate and support the new Application Role permission
[Sitemap] Support scraping features and JavaScript rendering
Support scrapping features of the Web 2 connector using the generalized framework library
Integrate JavaScript rendering from the Web 2 connector [more]
Modify connector configuration to have the possibility to specify the scraping configuration [more]
Add metadata from defined meta tags in the HTML [more]
[OTCS] Support the Recycle Bin module
Retrieve the content of the Recycle Bin using a provided ObjectID
[Amazon S3] Update the AWS SDK to 3.1.5
[Index] Ranking information should break down QREs
[Jira V2] Support the wellknown group "any logged in user" with chained security providers
[Jive] Add a default field set
[OTCS/Livelink] Add a metadata for the category names of a node
[Salesforce] HTML stripper logic
[SharePoint] Remove the SimpleClaims provider
[SharePoint v2] Support incremental refresh for user profiles
[SharePoint v2] Use a more efficient way of listing user profiles [more]
[SharePoint Online] Ensure indexed documents have meaningful data
[YouTube] Support being able to crawl only a single playlist of a channel
[YouTube] Add an option to index the playlist items as metadata of the playlists rather than separate documents
Fixed Support Cases Case
Modify Did You Mean using a text file 00031301
Exporting Query History report not working with Google Chrome 00031416
Parent Quick View error from GDI 00031901
Incremental refreshes scan all documents and take days to complete 00030880
Incremental refresh causes LiveLink to timeout 00031368
Livelink stops completely when a first error is encountered 00032391
Jive source is removing all documents after the remote server returned an error: (500) 00031373
Jive connector gets an SecurityException error while expanding a group 00031658
Provide more details on Windchill filtered documents 00031519
RSS source should set <pubDate> when <updated> is not specified in the sysdate field 00032062
= and == operator on multi-value fields are not behaving the same ways in Chinese than in English 00031660
Administration Tool hangs when viewing details of a SharePoint item 00031604
Sitecore publishing delays since upgrade to March 2016 00031169
NodeProcess RAM usage 00031442
Security problem with the sharing and custom account__c 00031904
Core dumps 00031979
Service stops in KIEC: TransactionThread 00031997
Dumps on cloud org 00032001
Security cache update is hanging 00032439

June 2016 - v 7.0.8388.7 Minor Rollout

Fixed Support Cases and Bugs Case
The = and == operators on multi-value fields are not behaving the same ways in Chinese than in English 00031660
NodeProcess RAM usage is high 00031442
External user can see object while Organization Wide Default External Sharing Access was set as Private N/A
Documents are deleted at the end of a rebuild N/A

June 2016 - v 7.0.8388

New Features
Twitter - New connector second generation
Support advanced crawling
Add the crawler to the configuration, license and install kit
Add thumbnail to users
Change HTTP client and URLs in connection to the API
Create a default JS search interface
Create default field set
Create default mapping file
Create integration tests
Create the base connection and structure to make calls against the API
Handle exceptions and fatal codes
Implement retry strategy
Index users
Index collections
Index lists
Index new Tweets under a query
Index new Tweets under a user
Index Tweets from a hashtag, a symbol, or a keyword
Index Tweets under a user
Optionally index protected users
Optionally index the users a user is following and their Tweets
Optionally index Tweets mentioning a user
Optionally keep old Tweets on rebuild/refresh
Support pause/resume
[Amazon S3] Review fatal errors within connector
[Box] Review fatal errors within connector
[Confluence] If possible, show the correct plugin version in the Confluence Administration console [more]
[Confluence v1] Review fatal errors within connector
[Confluence v2] Create a default JS Search Interface
[Confluence v2] Review fatal errors within connector
[Dropbox] Review fatal errors within connector
[Dynamics v2] Review the configuration generation tool
[Error Reporting] Centralize reusable connector exceptions
[Error Reporting] Framework exception and utilities cleanup
[Error Reporting] Handle invalid configuration errors uniformly
[Exchange] Review fatal errors within connector
[Gmail] Review fatal errors within connector
[Google Drive] Rename the SourceId connector parameter to SourceIdForUri
[Google Drive] Review fatal errors within connector
[Jira v2] Review fatal errors within connector
[Jive] Review fatal errors within connector
[Lithium] Review fatal errors within connector
[RSS] Review fatal errors within connector
[RSS] The crawler sets a modified date if one is available
[Sitemap] Review fatal errors within connector
[YouTube] Review fatal errors within connector
[Index] Update the search service JID following monthly release
[Index] Performance improvement for overriding filters
[Index] Ranking Information should break down QREs [more]
[Index] Thesaurus (Near + Not) [more]
[Salesforce] Change connector helper default to false
[Salesforce] Support Controlled by parent activities
[Salesforce] Support Organization Wide Default External Sharing Access [more]
[Salesforce] Improve error reporting of invalid OTG files
Fixed Support Cases Case
Option to exclude RabbitMQ from default install [more] 00030877
A facet was requested on a field that no longer exists in the index 00030512
Admin Service not staying up 00029646
Admin Service stops serving queries on a apparently random basis 00029896
After core dump CESCustomCrawler process refuses to start 00029597
Cannot switch the index in Read-Only mode 00029736
Claims-enabled search page is slow on first load 00027946
Getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error when accessing administration logs 00031406
Getting "The search interface is not available at this moment" error when clicking a document 00030102
HTML Parser behavior when a > is inside quotes inside a tag 00029213
SharePoint 2013 SearchAsYouType not working in IE Internet zone 00029950
Unable to add .vbs and JScript conversion scripts 00031066
User does not have administration rights to log on to the administration tool 00030435
Getting "Content Server Document Undelete is not installed." error while indexing OTCS documents [more] 00030951
Document type settings are ignored with OpenText 00029830
SharePoint Connector V2 can throw Access Violation when performing long running file downloads 00030944
Expansion of Well Known Groups for Jive 00030157
Duplicated File source failing with "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow." 00030988
Incremental refresh sometimes does not pick up added or updated SharePoint documents 00029838
Jive source stops after error 00029861
Paused Livelink indexing because of Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.CrawlerFatalException error 00031095
Paused PTC Windchill source following "Message security verification failed." error 00030602
OTCS connector does not get all the category values 00031305
SharePoint connector cannot perform incremental refreshes 00030189
The Windchill source was paused because of an error 00029340
A facet was requested on a field that no longer exists in the index 00030425
CES service goes down with "QueryPool Unknown exception" error 00030615
CES service stopped due to "Unhandled exception in TP: QueryPool class Merlin::KIEInvalidIndexStruct" error 00029467
CES service restart needed after deadlock 00029667
CES dumps created due to lack of memory 00029907
Facets sorting with GDI 00031387
Index takes long time to respond 00031006
nonASCII characters with advanced expression (aq) issue 00029848
Ongoing performance issues 00029013
"Unhandled exception in IndexerManager:IndexingThread" error makes CES stops 00029673
CES service does not start in read/write mode 00029851
Community users can see all cases in Coveo search pages 00030345
Salesforce API timeout error while querying for CaseComments 00029853

March 2016 - v 7.0.8225.5 2nd Minor Rollout

New Feature
[Admin Service] Add IncludeInResults property mapping in FieldConfig
Fixed Support Cases Case
Add an hidden parameter in Google Drive connectors to ignore permissions requiring links by default N/A
Sitecore connector, RijndaelEncryptionKeys cannot be accessed because it is being used by another process 00030701
Lots of queries while CES switches from ReadWrite to ReadOnly, and then back to ReadWrite cause a deadlock 00029667
Performance issues caused by high CPU and RAM usage on mirrors 00029013
Updating big terms while querying could cause issues N/A

March 2016 - v 7.0.8225.2 Minor Rollout

New Feature
[Salesforce] Support Controlled by parent activities (task & event)
Fixed Support Cases Case
Jive Security Provider does not support general CSP as output N/A
Expansion of All Registered Users as a well-known Jive group 00030157
Jive source stops after error 00029861
Issue with CJK queries containing an advanced expression (AQ) 00029848
Error on the first Salesforce security provider expansion N/A

March 2016 - v 7.0.8225

New Features
Admin Tool - History log [more]
Confluence - New connector second generation [more]
Alfresco One - New connector [more]
Open Text Content Server - Support version 10.5 [more]
Yammer - Support incremental refresh [more]
[Yammer] Support incremental refresh in Yammer using newer_than
[CES7] Upgrade OpenSSL

[Exchange] - Handle timeout exception on EWS calls like GetItem, FindItem, MakeAttachment

[Exchange] - Change all callback service logging to log4net
[Exchange] - Deliver a log4net configuration for the callback service with the install kit
[Exchange] - Support date range parameters to limit the crawling [more]
[Exchange] - Trigger the old item deletion with date scoped crawling only once a day [more]
[Jive] - Allow usage of the IgnoreItemsOlderThan parameter for the rebuild and full refresh [more]
[RSS] - Provide default field set for RSS [more]
[Sitemap] - Be more permissive on the format of parsed dates [more]
[Yammer] - Allow admin with Private Content Mode enabled to crawl private groups [more]
[Install Kit] Find a solution with expired certificates for Admin Service created with install kit [more]
[Install Kit] Delete Admin Service certificate on an uninstall
[Install Kit] Minor UI fixes in CES 7.0 install kit
[Install Kit] Modify the install kit to configure the CESAppPool Admin with .NET Framework 4

[Index] Facets cache management improvement

[Mirror] By default do not switch the mirror in read-only
[Security] Allow an administrator to disable unused permission models
[Salesforce] Integrate the tooling API
[Salesforce] Limit the number of threads when fetching metadata packages
[Salesforce] Make the security provider checkpoint frequency configurable
[Salesforce] List every View All Users on a source
[Salesforce] Support indexing attachments on Chatter comments
[Salesforce] Support Super Portal users
[Salesforce] Transform the internal memory caches into database caches
Fixed Support Cases Case
An error occurred while getting a view of the file error 00029518
Command timeout setting randomly resets itself from 6000 to 6 00029216
Coredumps generated 00029104
Error starting CES, the service does not start, it seems to stop each time the source "CD" is loaded 00028914
Index browser is not opening, getting CfmStramException: The other side has closed 00029235
Security cache update getting slower with the new build (7.0.7814.17) 00028885
Using EnhancedQuickView with Visio files does not work 00029069
When starting a rebuild, sometime the source status is not updating 00028232
Cannot disable an invalid entity in the security cache when a CSP encounters and invalid expansion from an invalid SQL query 00028552
CES switch to read-only takes forever 00029307
EV query does not return anything 00029713
Jive connector cannot crawl only public content 00028924
Oracle DB source cannot index when using AccessorSubQueries 00028811
Prod and dev Jive sources have 100K documents difference 00029726
Sitemap source configuration failing 00026732
Supporting anonymous crawling of an on-premises Jira instance from the Cloud 00028950
Windchill source paused following an error 00029340
Web source hung 00028464
Yammer crawling breaks with API error 00028799
Bad performance when performing queries 00026578
CES 6.5 service keeps crashing 00029283
CES service stopped due to "Unhandled exception in TP: QueryPool class Merlin::KIEInvalidIndexStruct" error 00029467
Core dump created testing December built 00028195
Dumps generated until C: was full 00029112
Error while indexing in production 00028381
Facet is available in facet search, but not visible when all facets expanded 00027995
Fatal errors in development environment 00028431
High CPU and RAM usage on mirrors 00029013
Indexing issue back even after hotfix 15 00029392
Multiple facets using same datafield 00028899
Need to know the reason why two queries are not returning the same results 00029019
Query performance lower after server upgrade 00027900
Cases are not available through Coveo Search, but they are available through Account 00028912
First attachment of a KBarticle in Salesforce is never indexed 00029777
Salesforce attachment object body is not retrieved 00028587

TLS 1.0 no longer supported in prerelease instances

User cannot search for a case where he does not have the ownership 00029584
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