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Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor

The .NET Interface Editor is a web application tool used by Coveo administrators to easily customize or create Coveo .NET Front-End search hubs and search interfaces (see About .NET Search Hubs and Search Interfaces).

Note: The Interface Editor for JavaScript Search pages is a different product (see JavaScript Search Interface Editor Overview).

Example: You can create a search interface to integrate in a Web page and another to integrate in a SharePoint intranet. Each of these search interfaces can have different scopes, options, CSS formats, etc.

The .NET Interface Editor user interface is organized in tabs:

The .NET Interface Editor keeps the configuration data in an XML file stored on the Front-End server. In a Coveo topology with multiple Front-End servers, the best practice is to use on of the Front-End servers as the source on from which you deploy the configuration to the other servers (see Deploying Search Interface Settings).

Note: You can also transfer search interface configuration files from one Coveo instance to another. This process is useful for example when you want to transfer changes to a search interface between the Coveo instances in your development, quality assurance, and production environments.

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