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Coveo Platform 7.0 New Stuff for the Developers

The Coveo Platform 7 offers the following new and improved features for the developers.

Coveo Search Web Services

The Coveo Platform 7.0 introduces a new search Web service that can be used by custom search interfaces and consoles to send queries to and receive search results from the Coveo Master server (see Search SOAP API Home).

Table Result List

The Coveo .NET Front-End includes a new .NET search interface type that presents search results in a tabular form. This .NET search interface type is useful when the search results are all of the same type and presenting short values in many fields. The end-user can then more easily review such results and sort results by specific columns. You can use the table result list in a custom .NET search interface (see Configuring a Table Result List).

Example: With this control, you can create search results views for customer case consoles that are similar to views found in popular customer service or CRM tools.

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