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Coveo SystemStatus Tool Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to be able to use the Coveo SystemStatus tool:

Run the SystemStatus tool with administrator permissions

The Coveo SystemStatus tool gathers files from all over your Coveo environment. The user who runs the tool needs to have administrator permissions on your Coveo Master server and, if any, on all other Coveo Back-End servers (Mirror, Converter).

UAC considerations

When UAC (User Account Control) is activated on your Coveo server(s):

  • With a one server Coveo environment:

    Run the SystemStatus tool in a command prompt with elevated rights.

  • With a Master and Mirror server Coveo environment:

    Deactivate UAC on your all your Coveo Back-End servers before running the SystemStatus tool to ensure it is able to run correctly.

What's Next?

Review the list of gathered files (see Files Gathered by the Coveo SystemStatus Tool).

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