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Creating a Dedicated Salesforce Crawling Account

The Coveo connector can use a Salesforce administrator account to access and crawl your Salesforce content. It is however a better practice to create dedicated Salesforce user, profile, and permission set for the Coveo crawling, that specify minimal permissions and access.

Note: It is strongly recommended to have separate dedicated Salesforce crawling accounts for each Salesforce source and security provider. When the Coveo crawler accesses Salesforce with the same user credentials too many times, Salesforce returns INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR error messages, such as the following:

Error with ID 'SALESFORCE_INVALID_QUERY': invalid query locator (INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR) - This error can occur if a user is used more than once for sources that run in parallel. To avoid this error, make sure to use only one user per source or alternate the refresh schedule of your sources.

To create a dedicated Salesforce crawling account

  1. Using an administrator account, log in to your Salesforce organization.

  2. In the user menu, select Setup.

  3. Create a Salesforce profile dedicated to the Coveo crawler:

    1. In the Setup page, select Manage Users > Profiles.

    2. In the Profiles page, click New Profile.

    3. In the Clone Profile page:

      1. In the Existing Profile box, select an existing profile such as Read Only to be used as a template for the new profile according to the permissions you want to grant to the crawler.

      2. In the Profile Name box, enter a name such as CoveoIndexer.

      3. Click Save.

    4. In the page for your new profile, click Edit and in the Administrative Permissions section:

      1. Ensure that the API Enabled option is selected.

      2. Optionally, select the API Only User option as an additional security measure.

      3. Select the Modify All Data option when any of the following situation applies:

        • You are using CES 7.0.6225– (December 2013) or prior.

        • You want to index the Salesforce item permissions.


        • The Modify All Data permission is required because the Salesforce permissions can be indexed only through the Salesforce Metadata API that is only accessible with the Modify All Data permission.

        • If you do not enable Modify All Data, be aware that the crawler will only index content to which it has access, so set up read access to objects accordingly.

      4. When indexing Knowledge content, ensure that Knowledge User is checked.

      5. Optionally, as an additional security measure, in the Login IP Ranges section, select or create a login IP range to restrict the accessibility for this profile (see Coveo Platform IP address range).

  4. Create a Salesforce user dedicated to the Coveo crawler:

    1. In the Setup page, select Manage Users > Users.

    2. In the All Users page, click New User.

    3. In the New User page: 

      1. Fill the required fields.

      2. In the Profile box, select the profile you just created.

      3. Click Save.

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