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Creating a Sitecore Device for the Coveo Crawler

The Coveo connector for Sitecore can crawl HTML pages rendered by Sitecore when its Extract HTML Content option is enabled (see Configuring and Indexing a Sitecore Source). Selecting this option is a Sitecore connector best practice because it allows the connector to effectively index rendered HTML content including all referenced items and incorporate a nice HTML version of the page to be presented as a Quick View. The HTML rendered by Sitecore for end-users however normally includes navigation items (such as a header, side panels, a footer...) that should not be indexed for each page.

The best practice to avoid indexing unwanted items is to create in Sitecore a device used exclusively by the Coveo crawler and assign to this device a layout that excludes site navigation and any other common items that you do not want to index. This way, the Coveo crawler only sees and indexes the content specific to each page. The rendered HTML is also stored in the index and presented when end-users ask to see the Quick View of the document. The procedure below provides detailed steps.

To create a Sitecore device for the Coveo crawler

  1. Log in to the Sitecore Desktop user interface using an administrative account.

  2. Under /sitecore/layout/Devices, create a device named CoveoCrawler.

  3. In the CoveoCrawler page, under Detection, in the Browser agent box, enter a name of your choice such as CoveoCrawler.

    Note: You will need to specify the same name later in the Crawler User Agent Sitecore source parameter (see Configuring and Indexing a Sitecore Source).

  4. Create a custom layout (see the SDN document Creating a Layout):

    • In the layout, include only the items that are specific to a page. Exclude navigation, header, footer and any other generic items that should not be indexed.

    • Push all Sitecore metadata that you want to index in meta tags in the HTML header. CES will automatically map the metadata if you create and link corresponding custom fields (see Sitecore Connector Deployment Overview).

    • For each template used by your website pages, associate the layout to the CoveoCrawler device: 

      1. In the Sitecore table of content, select a template.

      2. On the Sitecore navigation panel at the top, click the Presentation tab, and then the Details button.

      3. In the Layouts Details dialog box, click the No Layout specified link next to the CoveoCrawler device.

      4. In the Device Editor dialog box, select the new layout and then click OK.

      5. Back in the Layouts Details dialog box, click OK.

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