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Creating Alternate URI Rules for a .NET Search Interface

Alternate URIs are addresses used to open documents from a source or application different from the one used for indexing.

Example: You can open Microsoft Exchange emails in a Web interface instead of the native Microsoft Outlook mail client.

To create an alternate URI rule

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. Access the Search Interfaces tab.

  3. In the Current Interface drop-down box, select the search interface for which you want to create an alternate URI rule.

  4. Select Advanced > Alternate Uris.

  5. Click Add New.

  6. Edit the appropriate parameters described in the following table.

    Section Description


    Indicates the purpose of the rule.

    Example: Open emails in a Web application.

    Uri Pattern

    Indicates the addresses affected by this rule (i.e. replaced by the alternate address). Use wildcards if necessary.


    Indicates the address used to open the documents.

    Select Enabled by default to apply the rule by default and Mandatory to make the rule compulsory.

    Note: You can modify the display order of alternate URI rules by clicking the Up and Down links. You can remove alternate URIs by selecting them and clicking Delete.

  7. Click OK

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