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Creating an Oracle UCM Crawling Account

The Coveo connector for Oracle UCM needs an account that has full access to your Oracle UCM server to be able to crawl and index your content.

Starting with Oracle UCM version 11g, the sysadmin account password is randomly defined by the installer and you no longer can change it using the User Admin applet. While the password could be changed directly in the database following a tedious procedure, using the sysadmin account as the crawling account is no longer a good option.

A better practice is simply to create an account for the exclusive use of the Coveo connector. This account must be a member of the same roles and have the same account permissions as the sysadmin account.

To create a dedicated Oracle UCM crawling account

  1. Open the Oracle Content Server, by default using a URL in the http://[YourOracleUCMServer]:16200/cs form.

    Note: The Java JRE plugin must be installed in your browser.

  2. In the navigation panel on the left, expand Administration, and then select Admin Applets.

  3. In the main panel, click User Admin.

  4. In the User Admin dialog box, in the Users tab, select the sysadmin user, and then click Add Similar.

  5. In the Add User dialog box:

    1. In the Info tab, enter the mandatory Name and Password parameters, optionally filling the other parameters.

    2. In the Roles tab, ensure that the admin and sysmanager roles are assigned.

    3. In the Accounts tab, ensure that [all accounts] is assigned.

    4. Click OK.

What's Next?

Create a user identity that holds the credentials of this Oracle UCM crawling account (see Adding a User Identity).

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