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Desktop Connector Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the steps needed to bring content from end-user computers into the Coveo unified index using the Desktop connector. The steps indicate the order in which you must perform the tasks.

  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements (see Desktop Connector Requirements).

  2. In the Coveo Administration Tool, create and configure a Desktop source.

    The Desktop connector needs to know details about the end-user computers to be able to index their content (see Configuring and Indexing a Desktop Connector Source).

  3. Deploy the Desktop Integration Package (DIP) on end-user computers.

    You need to manage the installation of the DIP on end-user computers using one of the suggested methods (see Desktop Integration Package Deployment Overview).

  4. Notify and train end-users to take advantage of the Desktop Integration Package to index local files (see Specifying the Personal Folders to Index and Configuring Local and Archived Emails to Index).

  5. Manage remote clients.

    Once the content of end-user computers is indexed, you can centrally manage remote clients from the Administration Tool. You can rebuild, refresh, delete, or disable indexed content from end-user computers (see Managing Desktop Connector Remote Clients).

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