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Desktop Integration Package 12.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the Enhancement and Fixed Support Case included in each Desktop Integration Package (DIP) monthly release (see Desktop Integration Package).

September 2018 - v 12.0.2139

Add ability to dock the search bar elsewhere
Bug Fix
Searchbar Shift+Win+C hot-key not working on Windows 10 [more]
Fixed Support Case Case
DIP stops working once you hit "Open Search Window" from Outlook sidebar 00040461

March 2018 - v 12.0.2109

[Search Bar] Add anchor
Improve facet selection using UI .NET with the DIP
Bug Fix
BACKSPACE and DELETE keys in Outlook sidebar facet search box

December 2017 - v 12.0.2092

Upgrade Add-in Express version for the DIP in Outlook
Bug Fix
Fixed resolution issue with DIP Outlook add-on

September 2017 - v 12.0.2073

Fixed Support Case Case
DIP - Outlook sidebar display issues 00036973

June 2017 - v 12.0.2054

Upgrade Redemption version in the DIP
Increase query performance for the DIP Outlook sidebar
Outlook Sidebar - Improve handling of higher resolutions
Fixed Support Case Case
DIP Outlook Integration - Backspace moves highlighted email into Outlook Archive folder, and Delete key moves highlighted email into Outlook Deleted folder (in some cases permanently deletes email) 00036156

March 2017 - v 12.0.2008

Improve Expand/Collapse in Outlook sidebar with DIP in UI .NET
Improve SearchBar JSUI behavior
Fixed Support Case Case
Cannot start Coveo DIP, getting a generic error 00034482
DIP is closing following this error: "L'application s'est terminée d'une manière inhabituelle" 00034513

December 2016 - v 12.0.1945

Improve Outlook conversation panel display

Improve error message display

September 2016 - v 12.0.1888

New Feature
[DIP] Options to customize icons and logos [more]

June 2016 - v 12.0.1840

Fixed Support Case Case
In the DIP Outlook sidebar, conversations are not displayed when selecting an internal email 00030728

December 2015 - v 12.0.1646

New Feature
Support Microsoft Outlook 2016 [more]

October 2015 - v 12.0.1522

New Feature
[DIP] Allow pasting the folders to index/to exclude [more]

June 2015 - v 12.0.1341

Fixed Support Case Case
Getting DIP error when trying to disable the DIP 00021835

September 2014 - v 12.0.887

Fixed Support Case Case
Search interface missing ins Coveo DIP side bar 00018485

July 2014 - v 12.0.786

Fixed Support Case Case
DIP has stopped unexpectedly 00017257
Salesforce UI not returning results in the Outlook DIP 00017766

April 2014 - v 12.0.618

Collapsible Sidebar [more]
[Outlook Sidebar] Add collapse button when the Sidebar is expanded
[Outlook Sidebar] Add Coveo search box in the ribbon
[Outlook Sidebar] Apply new look of collapsed Sidebar
[Outlook Sidebar] Create the collapsed Sidebar frame
[Outlook Sidebar] Create Web controls to display information inside the collapsed Sidebar
[Outlook Sidebar] Integrate basic elements inside the collapsible Sidebar frame
[Outlook Sidebar] Redesign the ribbon
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