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Determining the Name of a SharePoint Metadata Tag

In SharePoint, structured information like list items and area listings is identified by metadata tags which describe its nature and function. CES uses these tags to sort the information.

Note: If the tags entered do not correspond to the metadata names of the appropriate SharePoint fields, erroneous or blank results are returned by queries (ex.: the content and summary can be blank and the author name missing).

To determine the metadata name of a column

  1. In SharePoint, access the page where the list is displayed.

  2. Click the column name for which you want to determine the metadata name.

  3. In the Address box of the browser, locate the expression SortField=. The name of the column is the expression entered after =, in the SortField=Name form.

    Example: In the following capture, the metadata name for the Name column is LinkFilename.

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