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Diagnostic Tool 7.0 Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new or improved features as well as fixed support cases included in each Coveo Diagnostic Tool release (see About the Coveo Platform Release Cycle).

October 2018 - v 7.0.292

Bug Fixes
[Profiling tab] Option labels should be in sentence case
Log4Net for CESCustomCrawlers7 does not stop at the end of the schedule
Many dumps when DT on mirror(s) is/are not updated with DT on master

May 2018 - v 7.0.266

New Features
Enable log4net/log4cxx [more]
Request older logs .zip format [more]
"Service Health" tab [more]
Schedule App pool sanity check [more]
Switch index to read-only or to read-write mode [more]
Enable query profiling [more]
Enable transaction profiling [more]
System status to gather more data on mirrors [more]
Mini dumps sweeping run [more]
Uncheck "Notify Coveo Support" by default
Generate dumps button always visible
Add the log size limit option to the Log4Net/Log4cxx tab
Add default values in tabs
Change "Status" column for "DT Status"
[CES Service] Log error when a custom crawler process is already running

August 2017 - v 7.0.156

New Features
Dumps manager [more]
Allow user to refresh the cases list

June 2017 - v 7.0.90

New Features
Retrieve mirror servers information
Update notifications when new version available

Improve message to Coveo Support when uploaded case file mismatched sender's CES 7 license

Discard error messages

January 2017 - v 7.0.58

New Features
System status tab [more]
"Are you ready for Coveo Cloud?" tab [more]
SOQL query to gather information about new support cases
Add index engine logs and index logs to the data gathered by the system status
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