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EMC Documentum Connector


The Documentum connector allows Coveo administrators to bring the content of EMC Documentum repository into the unified index so that it becomes searchable by end-users.

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EMC Documentum Connector Guide

The features of the Documentum connector are:

Content indexing

The connector can retrieve and index exclusively all EMC Documentum repository content.

Fully supported security model

The connector supports the EMC Documentum security model by indexing EMC Documentum item permissions so that in Coveo search interfaces, a user searching EMC Documentum content only sees the content to which he has access in EMC Documentum.

Incremental refresh

Periodically queries EMC Documentum Content Server for the latest repository edits, keeping the index content up-to-date.

Feature history

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.5031 March 2013 Supports multi-value fields

What's Next?

Review the steps to deploy the Documentum connector (see EMC Documentum Connector Deployment Overview).

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