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EMC Documentum Connector Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the steps needed to deploy the EMC Documentum connector. The steps indicate the order in which you must perform configuration tasks on both EMC Documentum and Coveo servers.

  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements (see EMC Documentum Connector Requirements).

  2. On Documentum Administrator, create a user with read permissions to all Documentum repositories content and security permissions to be used as a crawling account.

  3. On the Coveo server:

    1. Create a user identity.

      The Coveo connector needs an account to crawl your EMC Documentum content. For this purpose, select an existing EMC Documentum account or create a new one that has read access to all the content that you want to index (see Adding a User Identity).

    2. Create a security provider.

      When you want to index permissions, you must configure a security provider (see Configuring an EMC Documentum Security Provider).

    3. Configure and index the Documentum source.

      The Coveo connector needs to know details about your EMC Documentum instance to be able to index its content (see Configuring and Indexing an EMC Documentum Source).

    4. If you encounter issues, verify if modifying the default value of hidden source parameters can help resolve the problems (see Modifying Hidden EMC Documentum Source Parameters).

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