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EMC Documentum Connector Requirements

Your environment needs to meet the following requirements to be able to use the Coveo connector for end-user desktop and laptop computers:

  • Coveo license for the Documentum Connector

    Your Coveo license must include support for the Documentum connector to be able to use this connector.

  • EMC Documentum Content Server version:

  • The equivalent version of EMC Documentum Foundation Classes must be installed on the server hosting CES.

    Note: Ensure your Coveo Master server meets the EMC Documentum Foundation Classes requirements.

    Example: If you use EMC Documentum Content Server 6.7, you must install EMC Documentum Foundation Classes 6.7.

  • (For Documentum 6.5 to 7.0) Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE) 32-bit.

    Note: Ensure that the path to JRE 7 is in the environment variable named Path. If not, add the path (see Troubleshooting EMC Documentum Connector Issues).

    Example: When you use Documentum 7.0, the JRE 7 path should like the following:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\client

What's Next?

Create and configure a Documentum connector source (see Configuring and Indexing an EMC Documentum Source).

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