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Enabling Multithreading for the Database Connector

The Database connector supports multithreading. This feature can considerably improve performances with subqueries.

To enable multithreading

Specify the number of crawling threads using one of the following methods: 

  • When configuring a new source

    In the Coveo Administration Tool, specify the number of threads in the Add Sources page:

    Note: The peak of performance is between 4 and 6 threads; therefore, setting the value to 200 will have no time benefit.
  • Manually (for testing purpose)

    When you define the configuration values, add the number of threads as a parameter.

    m_ConfigValues = new Dictionary<string, string>()
     {"ItemType", p_ItemType},
     {"ConfigFile", m_ConfigPath},
     {"DriverType", p_DriverType},
     {"NbRefreshThreads", "1"}
    Note: To enable multithreading, NbRefreshThreads must be written as is.
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