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Enabling Symantec Enterprise Vault Services

The following services must be running on your Symantec Enterprise Vault (SEV) server to allow the Coveo connector for SEV to work:

  • Enterprise Vault Directory Service (allows the connector to discover archives)

  • Enterprise Vault Indexing Service (allows the connector to enumerate archive items)

  • Enterprise Vault Storage Service (allows the connector to retrieve item content)

In SEV 9 and earlier, these services are enabled by default. In SEV 10, the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service is not running by default and must be configured and started.

To enable the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service for SEV 10

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to your Enterprise Vault 10 server.

  2. In the Enterprise Vault console, in the panel on the left, under Enterprise Vault Servers, right-click your server, and then select Properties.

  3. In the Computer Properties dialog box:

    1. Select the Cache tab.

    2. In the Cache settings section, in the Cache location box, browse or enter the path for the cache and then click OK.

  4. Back in the Enterprise Vault, in the panel on the left, under your server, click Services.

  5. In the panel on the right, right-click Enterprise Vault Indexing Service, select Start, and then ensure that its Status turns to Running.

    Note: If the Enterprise Vault Storage Service is not running, start it as well.

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