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Enabling the Jive Web Services


The Jive 5/SBS/Clearspace connector uses the native Jive Web services to retrieve the content from the Jive communities. The Jive web services are disabled by default and must therefore be enabled in the Jive Administration Console.

To enable the web services in Jive

  1. Using a browser, access the Jive Administration Console (using a URL in the http://[MyJiveCommunity]/admin).

  2. In Administration Console, select System > Settings > Web Services.

  3. In the Web Services page:

    1. Select Enabled for Enable SOAP Web Services.

    2. Under User Access, specify the Jive account that you chose to be used by the Coveo connector to crawl the Jive community content.

    3. Click Save Settings.

What's Next?

Upload to your Jive server the Coveo plugin used by the connector (see Uploading the Coveo Plugin on your Jive Server).

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