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Enhanced Quick View Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the tasks that you must perform to deploy the enhanced Quick View.

Important: Generating enhanced Quick Views can significantly increase the index size and the time and resources required to index converted documents.

It is therefore recommended to:

  • Initially use the enhanced Quick View for one source containing a limited number of documents to convert.

  • Evaluate the impact on your Coveo server:

    • Measure the index size increase.

    • Monitor time and server resources required to convert documents.

  • When you understand the impact on your server, proceed to enable the enhanced Quick View on other sources .

To deploy the enhanced Quick View

  1. Ensure that:

    1. Your Coveo server clearly meets the requirements for your index size (see Coveo Platform Hardware and Software Requirements).

    2. The hard disk where the index resides is far from being full.

  2. Install the components required to create the enhanced Quick View (see Installing the Enhanced Quick View Components).

  3. Consider creating a new document type set for the enhanced Quick View (see Creating a Document Type Set).

  4. In a newly created or selected document type set, configure each file format for which you want to use the enhanced Quick View (see Modifying How CES Handles a Document Type).

    By default, the original Quick View is used.

  5. Assign the modified document type set to one or more sources for which you want to have enhanced Quick Views (see Modifying the Document Type Set Used by a Source).

  6. Ensure that the Generate a cached HTML version of indexed documents option is selected for the sources (see Modifying General Source Parameters).

  7. Rebuild one source at a time, starting with a source that indexes only a limited number of documents (see Applying an Action to a Collection or a Source).

    Note: You can monitor the indexing and the conversion processes from the CES Console or from the source Status page (see Using the CES Console and What Information Is Displayed in the Status Page?).

  8. In the search interface, if large Quick Views take too long to load, consider limiting the download size of Quick View files (see Limiting the Quick View Size in Search Interfaces With the .NET Interface Editor).

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