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Entering a New License Code

You receive your Coveo license as a text file (Coveo Enterprise Search License.txt) attached to an email sent to you from Coveo. This file contains a description of the CES version for which the license is intended, as well as the encrypted licensing information.

You need to copy the encrypted licensing information into the Enter License Code page of the Coveo Administration Tool to activate the license.

You can update CES with a valid license code at anytime without any service downtime.


  • The Notes: The Enter License Code page automatically appears at the end of the CES installation. page automatically appears at the end of the CES installation.

  • You get the following error message when you attempt to use a Coveo for Sitecore license in the CES Enter License Code page:

    The license is invalid.
    The entered license appears to be one for Coveo for Sitecore. If you purchased a Coveo Enterprise Search license, enter it below. For the Coveo for Sitecore Free Edition, close this page. Start the Coveo for Sitecore installation where you will be prompted for your Coveo for Sitecore license.

    You must rather provide this type of license in the Coveo for Sitecore license wizard (see Updating the Coveo for Sitecore License).

To enter a new license code

  1. Open the Coveo Enterprise Search License email that you received from Coveo.

  2. Using a text editor such as Notepad:

    1. Open the Coveo Enterprise Search License.txt attachment file.

    2. Select the license code, ensuring that you include the {BEGIN LICENSE} and {END LICENSE} tags.

    3. Right-click the selection, and then select Copy.

  3. If the Enter the License Code page has not been opened by the CES installer:

    1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

    2. In the Administration Tool, select Configuration > License.

    3. In the License page, click Enter New License Code.

      Note: The Enter New License Code link is disabled (grayed out) when the index is in read-only mode, because the license cannot be changed in this mode. You must switch the index back to the read-write mode to enable the link (see Toggling the Index Between the Read-Write and Read-Only Modes).

  4. In the Enter License Code page of the Administration Tool:

    1. In the License box, right-click and select Paste to paste the license code from the license file.

    2. Click Apply Changes.

The Administrator Tool Configuration > License page appears. Your Coveo Master server is ready to operate.

What's Next?

When you enter the license following the installation of CES on the Master server, continue the deployment process by installing the Coveo Front-End components (see Installing Coveo .NET Front-End and Coveo Platform Deployment Overview).

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