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EPiServer CMS Connector Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the tasks needed to deploy the Coveo prototype connector for EPiServer CMS systems. The tasks indicate the order in which you must perform key configurations on both the EPiServer CMS and Coveo systems. When needed, the steps refer to a detailed procedure.

To deploy the EPiServer CMS connector

  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements (see EPiServer CMS Connector Requirements).

  2. Get and install the EPiServer CMS prototype connector files.

    The connector files are not distributed with the CES installation (see Getting the EPiServer CMS Connector Files).

  3. On the EPiServer CMS system, configure the Coveo Web service.

    The connector uses Coveo Web service files that you must copy on the EPiServer CMS server (see Configuring the Coveo Web Service on an EPiServer CMS Server).

  4. Configure the user identity.

    The connector needs an account to connect to the EPiServer CMS system and access the entire content that you want to index (see Adding a User Identity).

  5. Configure and index the EPiServer CMS source.

    The connector needs to know details about the EPiServer CMS source to be able to index its content (see Configuring and Indexing an EPiServer CMS Source).

  6. Optional tasks:

    1. Configure the connector to index the content of the EPiServer CMS File Manager.

      You can also index the content of the downloadable files stored in the EPiServer CMS File Manager by specifying which starting addresses to crawl (see Configuring the EPiServer CMS Source to Crawl the File Manager).

    2. Create and use a configuration file.

      You can instruct the connector to index linked files using a configuration file (see Creating and Using an EPiServer CMS Configuration File).

    3. Create and use a custom mapping file.

      You can customize how the connector maps metadata to Coveo fields using a custom mapping file (see Creating and Using an EPiServer CMS Mapping File).

    4. Add hidden source parameters.

      You can use a few hidden source parameters to fine tune how the connector operates (see Modifying Hidden EPiServer CMS Source Parameters).

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