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Exporting and Importing a Field Set

Creating a bunch of custom fields for a repository can be tedious. Once it is done in one Coveo server, you can export the corresponding field set to an XML file and import the file in another Coveo server.

This export/import process is particularly useful when you want to duplicate field sets between development, staging, and production environments. You can also create a new field set by importing a default XML field set file distributed with CES for various connectors.

Note: Several connectors come with a field set import file defining fields for all default metadata available for a repository type. The field set import files are available from the [CES_Path]\Bin\ folder and the file name is in the following format: 


When a default field set file is available for a connector, it is a best practice to create a field set starting with importing the content of this file to easily get all default fields that can immediately be used to create facets, sort criteria, and display fields. You can later add fields for custom metadata.

To export a field set

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Coveo server that contains the field set to export.

  2. Access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  3. Select Configuration > Fields.

  4. In the Fields Sets page, select the check box for the field set that you want to export, and then click Export.

    The exported file name is FieldsSetsExport.xml.

  5. In the folder where your browser downloaded the file, using a text editor, open the exported XML file and copy its content.

To import a field set

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Coveo server in which you want to import a field set.

  2. Using a text editor, open and copy the content of the field set file that you want to import: 

    • An exported field set file.


    • An appropriate out-of-the-box [CES_Path]\Bin\Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers[ConnectorName].FieldSet.xml field set file.

  3. On the Coveo server to which you want to import a field set, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  4. Select Configuration > Fields.

  5. In the Fields Sets page, click Import.

  6. In the import Fields Sets page, paste the content of an exported field set XML file or of an out-of-the-box field set import file in the Exported field sets list XML file content box, and then click Apply Changes.

What's Next?

Assign the field set to the appropriate sources (see Modifying the Field Set Used by a Source).

Add or adapt fields for custom metadata (see Adding or Modifying Custom Fields).

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