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Getting the EPiServer CMS Connector Files

The Coveo prototype connector for EPiServer CMS systems is not available by default with the default CES installation. Because it is a prototype, the files associated with the connector are not distributed with the CES installation. Before being able to use the connector, you must get the EPiServer CMS files, copy associated files to your CES implementation, and let CES know where to find them.

To add the EPiServer CMS connector to CES

  1. Contact the Coveo Support , to get the EPiServer CMS files specifying if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit server:

    • Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.EpiServer.dll

    • Coveo.Connectors.EpiServer.dll

    • that contains:

      • CoveoService.asmx

      • Coveo.Connectors.EpiServer.CoveoService.dll

        Note: For versions prior to CES 7.0.4897 (December 2012 monthly release), the file name was CoveoService.dll.

  2. Copy the following files:

    • Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.EpiServer.dll

    • Coveo.Connectors.EpiServer.dll

  3. On the Coveo Master server, paste the two files to the [CES_Path]\Bin folder.

  4. Add the EPiServer CMS connector to the list of CES connectors using the following information in the Modify Additional Connector page (see Adding a Connector):

    • Name: EPiServer

    • Assembly Path: Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.EpiServer.dll

    • Type Name: Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.EpiServer.EpiServerCrawler

    • Run in 64 bits: On a 64-bit server, when you use the 64-bit version of the connector files, ensure to select this check box.

    • Parameter: Apart from required parameters (see Adding a Connector), you can also expose some hidden parameters (such as the optional ConfigFile and MappingFile) by adding them here. You can get the parameter types and names from the list of hidden parameters (see Modifying Hidden EPiServer CMS Source Parameters).

What's Next?

Configure the Web service on the EPiServer CMS server (see Configuring the Coveo Web Service on an EPiServer CMS Server).

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