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Gmail for Work Connector Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the steps needed to deploy the Gmail for Work connector. The steps indicate the order in which you must perform configuration tasks on both the Google and Coveo servers.

To deploy the Gmail for Work connector

  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements (see Gmail for Work Connector Requirements).

  2. On the Google server:

    1. Create a Google API Console project to authorize the Coveo connector to access the Gmail mailboxes of your users (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Users Gmail Mailboxes).

    2. Modify security parameters in your Google Apps account to grant the connector access to the Google Apps (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Apps for Work).

  3. On the Coveo server, in the Coveo Administration Tool:

    1. Create security providers:

      In Gmail, users are identified by their email addresses. Consequently, permissions returned by the connector for each document are email addresses (primary and aliases). The connector requires a security provider to uniquely identify users from their email addresses.

      You must thus create one or more security provider depending on how users are authenticated when they access the search interface:

      • When authenticated with an Active Directory account:

        Note: Mapping Gmail users to Microsoft AD users is possible when the email specified in the AD for your users is the same as their primary email or one of their email aliases in Gmail. Otherwise, you may require to use a third security provider (e.g., REGEX Transform Member Name) in between the Email and AD security providers to map member types. Contact Coveo Support for assistance.

        1. Create an Email security provider to be used to map AD users to their email (see Configuring an Email Security Provider).

        2. Create or configure an Active Directory security provider, and then map AD users to Email users by selecting the Email security provider you just created in the Email provider drop-down list (see Configuring an Active Directory Security Provider).


          • CES comes with an Active Directory security provider that you can configure to connect to the default domain. When your environment contains more than one domain, you can select an Active Directory security provider that you created for other domains.

          • When configuring the Gmail source, select the Email security provider.

      • When authenticated with the same email as in Gmail, create an Email security provider for your users to be recognized by their email addresses (see Configuring an Email Security Provider).

    2. Create a Gmail field set to take advantage of the available Gmail metadata.

      1. It is recommended to start by importing the default Gmail field set file ([CES_Path]\Bin\Coveo.CES.CustomCrawlers.Gmail.FieldSet.xml) to create fields for all the metadata available by default from Gmail documents (see Exporting and Importing a Field Set).

      2. When you created custom metadata for your Gmail documents, add corresponding fields to the field set (see Adding or Modifying Custom Fields).

    3. Configure and index a Gmail for Work source.

      The connector must know details about the authorized access to the Gmail mailboxes of your users to index their content (see Configuring and Indexing a Gmail for Work Source).

    4. If you encounter issues, verify if modifying the default value of hidden source parameters can help resolve the problems (see Modifying Hidden Gmail for Work Source Parameters).

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