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Google Sites Connector

CES 7.0.6225+ (December 2013)

The Coveo beta connector for Google Sites allows Coveo administrators to index and integrate the content of one or more domain or private Google Sites into the Coveo unified index so that in the Coveo search interfaces, a user can easily find content to which he has access in Google Sites.

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
Google Sites Connector Guide


The Google Sites connector features are:

Content indexing

The connector can index Google Sites content from either a single user Google Account or a Google Apps domain.

The connector can index the following Google Sites content type to make it searchable by end-users: 
  • Web pages

  • Attachments

  • Announcements (Announcement pages)

  • Files and web attachments (File cabinets)

  • List items (List pages)

Note: The comments cannot be indexed because the current Google Sites API only allows to access comments created with the old commenting systems, not those created with the new commenting system.

Site-level permission indexing

The connector can index the Google Sites site-level permissions for each item. This means that, in Coveo search interfaces, a user searching Google Sites content only sees the content to which he has access as specified in site-level permissions.

Note: The connector cannot index page-level permissions because this information is not available through the Google Sites API. This means that a user that is denied access to a specific Google Sites page could see this page in Coveo search results.

Incremental refresh

Supports incremental refresh to periodically query Google Sites for the latest edits, keeping the index content up-to-date.

Note: The incremental refresh has the following limitations:

  • Permission changes alone cannot be detected.

  • Does not work when the last refresh date is more than 30 days, because list of deleted items are only kept for 30 days.


The connector can run multiple threads, which can improve performances considerably.

Feature History

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.7183+ November 2014 Connector provides default field set and mapping file [more]
7.0.6225+ December 2013 Connector introduction (Beta)

What's Next?

Review the steps to deploy the Google Sites connector (see Google Sites Connector Deployment Overview).

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