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Granting the Connector Access to Your Aha! Content

The Coveo Aha! connector needs an OAuth2 access token to gain access to and index your Aha! content. This is done from the Aha! web site by creating and registering an OAuth application and then get an OAuth access token (see the Aha! document Oauth2 Authentication).

To grant the connector access to your Aha! content

  1. Using an Aha! account that has read permissions on all the items that you want to index, connect to Aha! ([YourDomain]

  2. Access the applications page to create and register your application: 

    1. Under Oauth applications you have created, click register a new application.
    2. In the Name box, enter an application name that indicates its purpose, such as Coveo Connector.
    3. In the Redirect uri box, enter urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob to be able to receive and view the access token value directly in your browser address bar in step 6.

    4. Click Save.

  3. In the Application: [YourAppName] page, copy the URL from the Authorize URL parameter.

  4. In a browser, paste the copied URL in the address box, and press enter.

  5. In the Authorize Coveo Connector to use your account? page that appears, click Authorize.

  6. In the next browser page displaying a JSON output returned by Aha!, in the browser address box, copy the access token value (string after ?access_token=).

    Example: In your browser address box, the URL looks like the following image. Copy the highlighted part, the access token value.

What's Next?

Create a Aha! source that will use the access token obtained in the above procedure (see Configuring and Indexing a Aha! Source).

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