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How CES Indexes SharePoint Items

When the Coveo Platform indexes a SharePoint source, it associates each item with its corresponding reference—the tags contained in the reference are subsequently used to extract content and metadata. Therefore, it is crucial that each reference reflects the structure of its SharePoint item—new references must be added for each custom template used and, if an existing template is modified, its corresponding reference must be updated as well; otherwise, erroneous or blank results are returned by queries (ex.: the content and summary can be blank and the author name missing).

Moreover, if CES is unable to associate a reference with an item, it takes one of two actions: for lists and list items, it uses the List - Unknown or List Item - Unknown reference; whereas, for other items, it indexes file information only (i.e. index by reference).

The following diagram outlines the process performed by CES to associate a SharePoint item with its corresponding reference:


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