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IBM Notes Connector Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to be able to use the IBM Notes connector (formerly Lotus Notes connector):

  • Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0

    The connector is available in all CES 7.0 versions.

  • IBM Notes/Domino versions:

  • Coveo license for the IBM Notes connector

    Your Coveo license must include support for the IBM Notes connector to be able to use this connector (see What Information Is Displayed in the License Page?).

  • IBM Notes Client (formerly Lotus Notes Client) installed on the Coveo Master server.


    • Ensure your Coveo Master server meets the IBM Notes Client requirements (see Index of system requirements for Notes).

    • The version of IBM Notes Client must be the same version as IBM Notes/Domino.

  • At least one database on the targeted server using the IBM Notes client.

    Note: This mandatory step is to ensure the Notes settings file (notes.ini) is properly configured.

What's Next?

Create and configure an IBM Notes connector source (see Configuring and Indexing an IBM Notes Source).

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