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Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version

You may want to know which version of Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) is currently installed on servers in your organization.

Example: You want to find out if a specific CES feature introduced in a given version is available to you.

Note: The Coveo .NET Front-End and Back-End software components are released separately and have independent version numbers (see About Back-End and Front-End Component Versions).

To identify the version of Coveo Enterprise Search on the Back-End

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. At the bottom-left corner of any Administration Tool page, read the Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) version information that appears in the following format: 

    [Major].[Minor] [OSBits] Build [Release].[Hotfix]

    Example: In the following capture, this is the 64-bit version of CES 7.0 for the October 2013 monthly release 5989, with no hotfix.

    Tip: In the Administration Tool Support tab page, you can click the Check for Coveo Enterprise Search software updates link to reach the download page for the latest Coveo Enterprise Search version (see Administration Tool - Support Tab).

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