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Identifying the Coveo .NET Front-End Version

You may want to know which version of Coveo .NET Front-End is currently installed on servers in your organization.

Example: You want to find out if a specific Coveo .NET Front-End feature introduced in a given version is available to you.

Note: The Coveo .NET Front-End and Back-End software components are released separately and have independent version numbers (see About Back-End and Front-End Component Versions).

To identify the version of Coveo .NET Front-End

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. At the bottom-left corner of any .NET Interface Editor page, read the Coveo .NET Front-End version information that appears in the following format: 

    [Major].[Minor] Build [Release].[Hotfix]

    Example: In the following capture, this is the Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0 for the October 2013 monthly release 404, with no hotfix.

Tip: You can click the Check for update link next to the version information to download the latest version.

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