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Identifying Your SharePoint Environment


The SharePoint Legacy connector supports on-premises and online SharePoint versions (see Microsoft SharePoint Legacy Connector Requirements). The connector components to deploy vary depending on the SharePoint environment being indexed.

Before starting to deploy the Legacy connector, you must refer to the following table and identify the SharePoint environment type from which you want to index content (Classic, Claims, or Online).

SharePoint environment type SharePoint Version Online 2013 2010 2007
Web app authentication Office 365 Native Claims-based Claims-based Classic Windows Claims-based Classic Windows

Security Providers to Use

Your SharePoint environment to index determines the required security providers that you must create.

  SharePoint environment
Required security provider type Classic Claims Online
Active Directory
Claims for SharePoint On-premises    
Claims for SharePoint Online    
Office 365    

Note: When you want to index content from different SharePoint environments, you must create multiple SharePoint security provider and source instances, each one with its own configuration.

Type of User to Specify for the User Identity

Your SharePoint environment to index determines the type of user that you must specify in a User Identity to allow the Legacy connector and security provider to crawl your SharePoint content.

SharePoint environment Enabled authentication Type of user Example
Classic Windows Windows account


Claims Windows Windows account


  Form Format expected by the login form  
  ADFS Federated by ADFS acme\john

Online Native Native Office 365 account
SSO Single Sign-On Office 365 account

Note: You will create a User Identity with the credentials of the selected user. You will then assign the User Identity to one or more security providers and to the source.

What's Next?

Grant appropriate SharePoint permissions to the selected crawling account (see Granting SharePoint Permissions to the Crawling Account).

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