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Importing CES 6.x .NET Search Interface Settings

At the end of the CES 7 software installation process, you can chose to create the index using your CES 6.x configuration rather than creating a new index from scratch (see Creating a New Index or Importing an Existing CES 6 Index Configuration). If you made this choice, your CES 6.x customized .NET search interface settings were also copied from the CES 6.x index configuration file ([Index_Path]\config\congfig.txt) to the same file for the CES 7 instance.

With the Coveo .Net Front-End 12 however, the customized .NET search interface settings are no longer stored in the index configuration file but rather in XML files located in the [.Net_Front-End_Path]\Web\Coveo\Skins folder. At this point you do not see your customized .NET search interface settings in the .NET Interface Editor. To recover your custom .NET search hubs and .NET search interfaces, a last step is needed to complete the import process.

Note: The import settings process transfers all the configuration changes that you can do in the .NET Interface Editor except those related to CSS styles that are done in the Search InterfacesSettings menu. You can modify the styles from the .NET Interface Editor (see Modifying .NET Search Interface CSS Styles). Modifications to skin .ascx files made by a developer are not imported either and must be migrated manually.

To import CES 6.x .NET search interface settings

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. Select Miscellaneous > Import Settings.

  3. In the Import Settings From CES 6.5 page:

    When you chose to create the index using your CES 6.x configuration and customized search interface settings were available, the elements to import are presented and the Import button is enabled.

    Example: In the following case, customized settings for one hub and 3 search interfaces were imported from a CES 6.5 instance.

    Note: The page can also list missing skins referenced from search interfaces, or missing search hubs. In these cases, manually copy the missing files from the CES 6.x server to the Coveo .NET Front-End server before importing the settings.

    1. Click Import.

    2. At the confirmation prompt:

      • Click Yes only when you understand that importing the settings would overwrite customized settings done locally for search hubs and/or search interfaces with the same name as those to import.

        An import confirmation message appears at the top of the page.

        In the [.Net_Front-End_Path]\Web\Coveo\Skins folder, XML files are created for each element with customized settings.

        Note: The XML files contain only the customized parameters, not all the parameters for the customized elements. The standard parameters are determined in the Coveo DLLs.


      • Click No to cancel the import.


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