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Indexing a Database Using a Configuration File

You can use a configuration file to index data from a database. This file instructs the connector on the way to retrieve and copy the data from the record fields to the Coveo system and custom fields.

Considering that the required URI field is used as the underlying link of a search result, it is important to determine where a user is redirected when a result is opened.

  • Best case scenario, a Web interface displays the results of the search, making it easy to recreate the address of a record page with fields from your database.

  • Worst case scenario, the users are not redirected when they click on a search result.

Note: If the Open results with cached version option is selected, the document automatically opens in the Quick View (see Configuring and Indexing a Database Source).

To setup a configuration file

  1. Create an XML-formatted configuration file and save it on the Coveo server. It is possible to create one from scratch or from the provided sample (see Example of a Configuration File for the Database Connector).

    Note: It is recommended to save it in the CES configuration folder ([Index_Path]\Config, by default C:\CES7\Config).
  2. Create a database source and specify the path of the configuration file using the Configuration File Path source parameter (see Configuring and Indexing a Database Source).

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