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Installing CES Remote Converter Components

Converters are responsible for converting documents to the common format used by the index. A CES converter handles the supported document types (see Supported File Formats).

By default, the CES remote converter components are installed on Mirror servers (see Installing CES Mirror Components). When you have a lot of documents to convert, you can also install only the CES remote converter components on one or more servers to distribute the converting process between CPUs and, therefore, speed up indexing.

Important: For an installation on Windows Server 2008 where the User Account Control (UAC) is activated, ensure to keep a backup copy of the CES installer. While the UAC is activated, uninstalling CES only works using the original installer executable.

To install CES remote converter components on a server

  1. Ensure that the hardware for the server fulfills the Coveo system requirements (see Coveo Platform Hardware and Software Requirements).

  2. Using a local administrator account, connect to the server on which you want to install the CES remote converter components.

  3. Locate and run the same CES installer that you downloaded and used for the Master server. The Remote Converter and Master servers must run the same CES version.

    Example: When CES 7.0.4772 is installed on the Master server, on a 64-bit server, use the Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 x64 (4772).exe installer (see Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version) .

    Note: You can download the latest version of Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) from the Coveo Product Updates page.

  4. When a dialog box as shown below appears, click Install to install the Microsoft components that the CES Remote Converter needs. These installations can take several minutes.

    Note: The Microsoft components are installed through the Internet. When the installer does not have access to the Internet, prerequisite installations will fail. You must then install the components manually and restart the CES installer.

  5. In the Welcome to Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 screen of the installer, click Next.

  6. In the License Agreement screen, read the license terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.

  7. In the first Select Setup Type screen, click Advanced.

  8. In the second Select Setup Type screen, select Remote Converter, and then click Next.

  9. In the Installing the program screen, click Install.

    A screen showing the installation progress bar appears.

  10. In the installer Installation Successful screen, click Finish.

What's Next?

You must now configure your Coveo Master server to use this new Remote Converter server (see Configuring a Remote Converter).

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