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Installing or Updating the Coveo Plugin for PTC Windchill

The Coveo connector for PTC Windchill needs a plugin to be able to access the PTC Windchill API. You must install the Coveo plugin on the PTC Windchill foreground method server.

When you upgrade CES, if the included PTC Windchill plugin is updated, you must also use this procedure update it on your PTC Windchill foreground method server.

To install or update the Coveo plugin on the PTC Windchill foreground method server

  1. If your PTC Windchill deployment contains more than one foreground method server, select one to be used by the Coveo connector from which you also copy the certificates (see Copying the PTC Windchill Certificates to the Coveo Master Server).

  2. Using an administrator account, connect to your Windchill Server foreground method server.

  3. Open a Windchill shell.

    Example: When PTC Windchill runs on a Windows Server, from the Start menu, select Windchill Shell.

  4. When the Coveo plugin is already installed on your PTC Windchill foreground method server and you are updating the plugin, you must first:

    Important: Do not perform this step if you are installing the Coveo plugin for the first time.

    1. Uninstall the previous plugin version by running the following command in a Windchill shell: 

      ant -f %WT_HOME%\bin\adminTools\WebServices\build.xml undeployService
    2. It is recommended to rename the previous version of the plugin file as a backup.

      Example: Rename the plugin .jar file to %WT_HOME%\codebase\WEB-INF\lib\CoveoWindchillWebService.jar.OLD

  5. Copy the Coveo plugin file from the Coveo Master server to the PTC Windchill foreground method server:

    1. On the Coveo Master server, copy the PTC Windchill plugin file:


    2. Paste the plugin file on the PTC Windchill foreground method server in the following folder: 


  6. On the PTC Windchill foreground method server, install the plugin by running the following command in a Windchill shell:

    ant -f %WT_HOME%\bin\adminTools\WebServices\build.xml -Dwebservice.class=coveo.WindchillWebService -Dsecurity.policy=userNameAuthSymmetricKeys deployFromJava
  7. In a browser, you can validate that the installation completed successfully by ensuring the service WSDL is available with the following URL: 


    The plugin Web Services Description Language (WSDL) similar to the following capture should appear.

What's Next?

Configure a CES user identity for the PTC Windchill crawling account credentials (see Adding a User Identity).

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