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Installing the Coveo Plugin on Your Jive Server

The Jive connector comes with an optional Coveo plugin that you can install on your Jive server to allow the Jive connector to access Jive features that are not available through the regular Jive 6+ APIs.

Note: You cannot install the Coveo plugin in Jive Cloud.

Plugin Benefits

The Jive connector can work without the plugin, but using the plugin enables the following connector features:

  • Indexing permissions

  • Indexing direct messages

  • Removing recently deleted Jive items from the index during an incremental refresh

    Note: CES 7.0.8691+ (December 2016) Removal of deleted Jive events.

  • Proper incremental refresh of discussions

  • Phrase substitutions

Important: The plugin stores deleted item information on the Jive server in a database to allow incremental refresh to remove deleted items from the index. The items in this database are cleared after they are read by the crawler. If no source is set to crawl the Jive site, the plugin database will grow indefinitely.

To install the Coveo plugin on your Jive server

  1. Using an administrator account, with a browser, log in to the Jive Administration Console (http://[MyJiveCommunity]/admin).

  2. On the Jive Administration Console menu, select System > Plugins > Add Plugin.

  3. In the Available Plugins page:

    1. Under Install a new Plugin, click Choose File.

    2. Browse to the [CES_Path]\Bin\ folder on the Coveo Master server and using the following table, select the coveo-plugin-[Version]-for-jive[-6.0/8-1.0].jar plugin file corresponding to your Jive installation.

      Jive installation Plugin file Notes
      Jive 8 and Jive 9

      coveo-plugin-for-jive-1.2.jar CES 7.0.8996+ (June 2017)

      Jive 8 Supports incremental refresh of deleted events (v.8.1.1)
      Jive 6.2+ and 7 Supports incremental refresh of deleted events (v.1.5)
      Jive 6.0 to 6.1 coveo-plugin-1.1-for-jive-6.0.jar CES 7.0.5785+ (August 2013) Resolves incremental refresh issues.
    3. Click Upload.

  4. Grant access to the Coveo plugin for the selected crawling account:

    Note: By default, for security reasons, no accounts can connect to the Coveo for Jive plugin.

    1. In the Administration Console, select System > Management > System Properties.

    2. At the bottom of the System Properties page, in the Add new property box:

      1. In the Property Name box, enter

      2. In the Property Value box, enter the user name of the selected crawling account.

      3. Click Save Property.

  5. Stop and restart the Jive service (from the command prompt: /etc/init.d/jive-application restart).

What's Next?

Create a user identity to hold the credentials of the Jive crawling account that you selected (see Adding a User Identity).

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