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Installing the Coveo Web Service Plugin in Sitecore

The Coveo Sitecore connector comes with a web service that you must upload and install on your Sitecore server. The Coveo connector needs this web service to securely and efficiently crawl the Sitecore content.

Important: When you upgrade CES on the Coveo Master server, you must perform this procedure to also upgrade the Coveo web service on your Sitecore server. The Sitecore connector will not work when an incompatible version of the plugin is installed on the Sitecore server.

To install the Coveo web service plugin on your Sitecore server

  1. Using a Sitecore administrative account that has the necessary rights to install a plugin:

    1. Access the Welcome to Sitecore login screen.

    2. Click Options to make the User interface buttons appear.

    3. Select the Desktop user interface.

    4. In the User name and Password boxes, enter the administrative account credentials.

    5. Click Login.

  2. On the Sitecore Desktop, select Sitecore > Development Tools > Installation Wizard.

  3. In the Installation Wizard dialog box:

    1. In the Welcome to the Install Package Wizard screen, click Next.

    2. In the Select Package screen:

      1. Click Upload, and then browse the Coveo Master server to select the Coveo Web Service plugin package distributed with CES:


        Note: Use the package only when you use the Sitecore legacy connector (see Sitecore Legacy Connector).

        Important: When you are updating the web service, in the browsing dialog box, ensure to select the Overwrite existing file check box.

      2. Click Next.

    3. In the Ready to Install screen, click Install.

      Note: If an Access Denied error is displayed for the bin_install folder while installing the package, verify the security permissions for ASP.NET in the bin folder of Sitecore or install the files manually.
  4. Once the installation is completed, if you get a NullRef exception from the connector, ensure that the connector can retrieve the Sitecore version, using a text editor:

    1. Open the web.config file at the root of the Sitecore website.

    2. Ensure that the following line is present inside the <sitecore><settings> tags:

      <setting name="VersionFilePath" value="/sitecore/shell/sitecore.version.xml"/>
    3. Save the file.

  5. Restart both the Sitecore client and server.

What's Next?

When you want the connector to use incremental refresh to maintain the index up-to-date, configure Sitecore to allow it (see Enabling Incremental Refresh on a Sitecore Database).

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