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Integrating a Coveo .NET Search Interface in a non ASP.NET Site

It is possible to integrate a Coveo .NET search interface into an HTML page hosted on a non ASP.NET Web server using a JavaScript/AJAX. This technique involves configuring a reverse proxy to route the search requests from the client computer to the Coveo server and the search results back to the client computer. This process is transparent to the end-user. Contact the Coveo Professional Services for assistance.

You must set up the following elements to use the bootstrapper:

  • An iframe that handles the navigation history.

  • A script tag that loads the Coveo JavaScript Library.

  • A div placeholder tag in which the Coveo controls are inserted.

  • A script tag that calls the Coveo library to insert content into the placeholder.

To bootstrap a Coveo .NET search interface in a non .NET HTML page

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Coveo Master server.

  2. In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager:

    1. Add a new Website named Bootstrap.

    2. Under the Bootstrap Website, create a new Virtual Directory named CES7.

    3. Create an Application named CES7

    4. Set the local path to [CES_Install_Path]\Web.

  3. Using a text editor:

    1. Create a default.htm file at the root of the Bootstrap Website.

    2. Paste the following code in the file.

          <iframe id="__historyFrame" src="empty.htm" style="display:none" ></iframe>
          <script type="text/javascript" src="/CES6/Coveo/CustomContent.aspx?k=embedding"></script>
          <div id="here">
            Coveo.CNL.Web.Scripts.Ajax.Bootstrap.insertAjaxAspNetPage("/CES6/", document.getElementById('here'),true);
    3. Save the file.

  4. Browse default.htm.

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