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CES 7.0.5388+ (April 2013)

The Coveo connector for Jive 9 allows you to index and integrate the content of your Jive spaces and groups into your Coveo unified index, making it easily searchable by end-users.

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Jive Connector Guide


Feature history

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.8996 June 2017 Support for Jive 9
7.0.8691 December 2016 Incremental refresh for events
7.0.8047 December 2015 Support for Jive 8
7.0.7599 April 2015 Support for Jive 7
7.0.6607 April 2014 Support for Jive Cloud (version 8)
7.0.5785 August 2013 Updated plugin to resolve incremental refresh issues
7.0.5388 April 2013 Connector introduction

What's Next?

Get familiar with the deployment steps (see Jive Connector Deployment Overview).

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